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This is CRIMINAL! Did anybody experience this like me?


Also, to answer your original question from the topic title: yes, everybody experienced (or will most likely experience) this unfortunately…


There is no reason to be rude. Frank has made a good point.


Well would you look at that!

It bodes well for you that you actually realized that what you were doing is wrong.

Now if you weren’t so rude to people trying to save you from more trouble… :slight_smile:


Paypal is more geared towards the buyer, I remember selling a phone, shipping it them getting a dispute that the phone was not working. I sent proof but in the end the buyer got both the phone and his money back.


I’m new here. It really surprised me. There must have some rules to secure it from the both end, from buyers side and from the seller’s side. I would love to hear something from the stuff panel about this point.


If you look more closely at how the different platforms work, you will actually find that all freelance platforms have this problem. Don’t believe me? Check out those platforms with forums and you will see multiple complaints there about this same issue. Look through those sites’ ToS and you see that they do not offer protection. You can submit your case to Fiverr CS and ask them to defend you. A recent case happened where $5000 was lost due to a chargeback but the case was fought and won by CS.

This post I wrote, which has been pinned at the top of the Tips Category on the forum for 3-4 months now actually explains a lot about the issue, best practice for minimizing your risk as well as how to deal with the situation when it occurs to you.


Since I have never experienced this, does fiverr cut the funds from your paypal account or they deduct it from your fiverr account then you work it out?


It comes from your account balance. The account balance can become negative if you do not have sufficient funds.


Hello, sorry this happened to you!

As someone said it happens to all of us, not just on fiverr but anywhere Paypal is taken.

I’ve been in business on other sites and it is how the system to pay on the internet works. It’s the price we all pay so that people will buy things on the internet. If people didn’t have this way to redress a bad purchase it would have a devastating effect on sales.

Credit cards are the same way to some extent. Any time you want buyers to make purchases with either Paypal or credit cards, the way they feel safe is if they know they can get a refund if something is wrong. So it’s a necessary evil.

Complaining and ranting about it won’t change it. It is called “the cost of doing business”.


That is very kind of them, can I repay them from an external source? Say, like add money to my paypal then to my account so they can deduct


Im sure they would happily take it from you if you offered but I think if you were continuing to work on the site and chipping away at the negative balance over time they would not push for repayment. Just my opinion, I havent heard of a situation like you describe.


I never faced any charge back yet, but I am newbie here just 9 months but we never know… What I usually do is, I do not accept big orders from new clients…

Especially the one who just created their profiles…


I’m new here and I’ve never experienced anything like that. :slight_smile:
I hope I do not experience it.

Have you contacted CS fiverr :slight_smile:
Maybe they can help,
Or give a response about this.


Isn’t that a bit radical?

I’ve had a lot of clients who just signed up on Fiverr and purchased big orders from me, and it all went perfect with no problems.

Refusing orders because the buyer is new / just signed up, and/or pay $$ for a gig are not valid cancellation reasons (it can even be thought of as discrimination to some degree), and can hurt your account and eligibility for a TRS badge - not to mention that I think it’s also against the rules (Fiverr won’t like that)


Is that in the TOS? As a “freelancer” (not a business) I thought we could refuse who ever we wanted. I’ve never refused a person, though, just their project.

If I took the time to look at everyone’s account history, Fiverr wouldn’t be worth it. I wish there were more protections in place against chargebacks, but it’s not Fiverr’s fault. If anything, it’s PayPal’s for allowing it to happen all the time with so little evidence.


You can refuse whoever you don’t feel like working with.

However this marketplace is rigged in such a way that will eventually “punish” your gigs if you keep cancelling on orders.


I don’t think there is a specific ToS mention on that (anyone can correct me if I’m wrong though), and I only said that those reasons were not really valid since they feel like discrimination (I mean, refusing a buyer because they’re new and willing to spend big cash?? that doesn’t feel like a valid reason IMO)

You can absolutely refuse a buyer if you have valid reasons to do so, but why refuse a newbie buyer with big $$ if they want to benefit from your service? I would have lost a lot of money if I would think like that, for many of my buyers are new comers and spend plenty of money on my services.

Try putting yourself in Fiverr’s shoes - would you allow sellers to refuse orders on such ungrounded reasons and not put profits in your pockets? Fiverr won’t like that, because they always encourage having no cancellations (or the most minimum possible).


This Mostly happened with many sellers. I’ve seen many posts related to dispute on order from paypal. so you’ve to be patient in this situation. I hope you will understand :slight_smile:


I’ve never canceled an order because a buyer was new. But, sometimes I refuse projects if a buyer messages me about them before they order. Usually, once an order is open, I do everything I can to complete it. I try deadline extensions/suggesting another one of my gigs/adding extras before I cancel an order, especially if it’s substantial.

However, I would refuse a buyer if they were messaging me and they seemed like someone I didn’t want to work with (not wanting to pay full price, expecting more than I offer, etc. etc.). But that’s every seller on Fiverr and has nothing to do with the buyer’s history :slight_smile:


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