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This is day 64 for my oldest cancellation, it's still showing on my analytics page

I checked and counted how many days since my oldest cancellation that is listed on my analytics page and this is day 64. It should not be counted but it is.

So cancellations are not dropping off our analytics page on day 61.


Same problem for me. 70 days…


So there is a chance people could be demoted by mistake.

I’m not in danger of this but it is possible it could happen to anyone.


I feel i would say the same. Tons of orders completed and got reviews 5 stars. But the completion rate only upped by 4%. and cancel one gig… 1% drops back down. lol…


Everyone needs to find out the dates of their cancellations for the last 60 days, and then go to the oldest one, look at that date when it happened on a calendar and then count each day until today’s date to see if it is over 60 days, and watch to see if it drops off your analytics page where it shows how many cancellations you have.

Do not trust that the analytics page is correct.


I have sent a message to CS but one week later nothing has changed !

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Possibly people will lose their levels without even realizing their analytics are wrong.


I have just checked. My last cancellation was on novembre 27. I thought it was 70 days ago but it’s more than that!

When the starting point is not 100%, it’s more dangerous… and we could be demoted very easily.

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That’s a very long time!

What this means is that it is more like we must keep our cancellations above 93% or something like that.

Please let us know when that old one drops off. I’m interested in what the actual time limit is.


Yes, somehow I feel my analytic is not quite right but still have no idea how to count it, perhaps the system still have some error, but our level easily is became the bet

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Phew, I thought I was seeing things (mine takes into account a cancellation from 65 days ago) - this is bad if they use the same Analytics algorithm for the evaluation :grimacing:

I’ve already submitted a detailed CS ticket.

P.S. I hope they calculate using the number of days in each month, and not a general 30 or 31 number of days, although that wouldn’t explain the 70 days :eyes:


I don’t trust the analytics either. I’ve been keeping tabs with mine. My only problem is that it is hard to determine which orders were late if you’ve had a lot of orders. It no longer shows late in the order when the word has been approved. Maybe Fiverr could create a tab that shows us how many late orders we have just as it shows how many orders have been canceled.


Is there any way to see when we had a late delivery and the date of it?

Just got word back from CS:

Please allow me so time I will escalate this inquiry to the proper department in order to check if this is system issue we can proceed to request our Tech Department to fix the issue as soon as possible.

They’ve seen that there is a conflict between what the Analytics page shows and what the last 60 days cancellation count actually is.

Either way, I’ve been told (with numbers for my account as proof) that internally the cancellation rate reflects the actual cancellations from the last 60 days, not more, even though the Analytics page shows more. So this means the Analytics page is buggy, but not the order completion % :slight_smile:

I don’t think so :thinking: I’ve never had any late deliveries, though, except one or two because of modification requests to tell me “thanks” :smirk:

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Thanks for posting this. It’s easy enough to check if this is true when you get each cancellation dropping off after 60 days and checking by doing the math to make sure your percentage rate is correct. My percentage rate does look correct.

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Well, CS got back to me again, and it appears I was dumb when I calculated the whole thing :crazy_face:

The cancellation that I said was from 65 days ago is actually from 60 days ago - I made the mistake of looking at when I received that order instead of looking at when it was cancelled. It was placed on 7th December, but it was cancelled by CS on the 12th (hence the incorrect 65 days from my :crazy_face: calculations)

So, the number of cancelled orders from the last 60 days is computed based on the dates when the orders were cancelled, not when they were placed.

I understand your concern about your next evaluation process. However, the information you are looking at is correct. Any additional modification will be performed by the system.

So, you might all want to go back through your cancellations and double check the dates when they were cancelled (not when placed, and not from the “Due On” column) :slight_smile: Also, you can use this site to compute the exact number of days between two dates.


I go to selling > earnings > show cancelled revenue, or are you saying those are the dates of the order?

I then go to the dates of the cancellations on a calendar and count the actual days from the day after the cancellation to today’s date.

That’s a great site, thanks, no more counting. Now all we need is a running record of how many orders we have.

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Haven’t thought about doing it that way - I was going to Manage Sales, choosing Cancelled orders, going through each one and looked at the wrong dates :smiley:

Well, if you counted the right way, then it means I don’t have this problem / bug, so that in turn means you’re up to talk to CS :wink:

CS immediately told me how many I have in the last 60 days, so they have the stat, but not us for now :eyes:


@Woofy31 The way you did it does not take into account any Paypal chargebacks.

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For me it’s very simple. Last cancellation: 27th november (76 days ago).
So, my completion rate should be 100%. For me, it’s impossible to make a mistake when I calculate :wink: