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"This is exactly what I wanted!" - How can a buyer choose a seller?

Good day! I am a seller, but I want to share my personal experience with you, the buyer.

Here are the main points:

  • The picture is not the main thing. Often sellers do not exhibit their work in order to receive an order. This is unpleasant, but it happens. Therefore, it is very important to contact the seller and ask him to send additional works that are not in the GIG. If he does not send them in a short time, then most likely this is a scammer(possibly). This point applies to those sellers who do not have a high rating or a large number of reviews. So if the price is high, there are not many works, there are no reviews, then it may be a scammer.

  • Time. Everyone sets their own time for completing the work, but ask the seller to submit the work as early as possible so that there is time to make adjustments. This should be done politely, since not all sellers are happy about this. If you are sure that the seller is competent, this point can be omitted. He will do everything on time.

  • Reviews. Be sure to read all reviews to make sure the person is doing their job honestly. (f there are not many of them. If there are 50+ of them, it will be a waste of time. If a couple of reviews were enough for you and you are satisfied, then choose this seller).
    But there are also 2 points here. 1) Not all good sellers have reviews. Perhaps someone is a beginner, but does the job in good faith. Do not rush to refuse him. 2) Even good reviews sometimes do not guarantee an excellent result. But this is rare.

  • Attention. It is very important for the seller to take the time to discuss the order, and answer politely and accurately. If you see a bad attitude, find someone else. But for this you must write to him yourself to clarify the details. Service sellers do not include writing first.

  • Don’t be afraid to clarify what is included in your package. Nobody wants to get a bad result for a lot of money.

  • Leave your review if you used the services of a buyer. So you will help others not to make a mistake with the choice and will thank your salesperson for the work. Don’t be afraid to write what you liked or disliked about the salesperson’s job. Many in the comments have condemned me for this point, but I believe you should give your opinion. They are afraid of bad reviews, but there will always be those who are not happy with something. And if you do your free job well, then out of 10 good reviews, there may be 1 bad one. But if you are afraid that there are a lot of them, this is a reason to think about whether you are doing everything right.

Hope you find this helpful! Respectfully,
P.S. Рost edited because many “advanced” sellers misinterpreted my initial thoughts.


wooooah, wait a second. I never send “more works” in messages simply because there are 800+ reviews with pictures.
And actually if someone is asking me to send more “works” I take it as ignorance and not willing to do a basic research.
and on top of that how am I supposed to know what kind of “works” client willing to see? i work in a few style and all different, I’m not a fortuneteller to guess what they want to see.

I set deadlines on purpose and I always deliver on time. If someone is trying to get “faster, faster” out of me that also wouldn’t be taken well from my side. I have deadlines for a reason and if I can deliver earlier I will most definitely will and without demands to submit it earlier.
For adjustments fiverr is giving additional time after the delivery.


This is not true at all. I don’t know why you’re making his up.

If a seller doesn’t get back to you right away with samples they’re a scammer? No. And anyone who thinks that way is not someone anyone should work with. It’s entitled and irrational.

We don’t get paid for customer service remember. It takes up our time needlessly to do what you’re suggesting.

And you’re also neglecting confidentiality.


There must be some reason to set own time, and buyer agrees to that time !
So asking early delivery doesn’t make any sense !

There are pictures on gig delivered on fiverr so that is a thing to consider !


Unfortunately, I have to disagree on many of the points you have made, especially the sending of additional works completed that the original buyers never approved can be sent to a third party, and asking the seller to deliver as quick as possible to accommodate for adjustments. If revisions are necessary (and included in the gig), they can be discussed after the seller takes the appropriate and allotted time to properly complete the order in the first place.

Leaving a review is not mandated nor always wanted, and should not be forced upon buyers. Many sellers would prefer no review rather than an insincere or harmful review that the buyer incorrectly thought they had to post.

Speaking of reviews, a third point could be addressed. Reading ALL the reviews of a seller is an immense time sink and likely won’t help the buyer, especially since not all reviews are done in good faith and should be taken with a grain of salt. Vindictive, malicious, or simply unknowledgable reviews unfortunately happen.


Good points…

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About your first comment. If you have 800+ reviews, then, as the paragraphs say, you are verified and everything is fine. But there are suspicious people who have awesome jobs, but their authenticity can raise doubts for various reasons. If you have a rating, reviews and so on, then this item does not apply to you. However, there are many accounts that just want to make money by submitting other people’s work to the GIG. To find out the style in which the buyer wants to see the work, you need to discuss it with him. But this should be the buyer’s initiative, my opinion.
Second comment. Nobody says to demand this from you, but they can and have the right to ask politely. If you do your job in good faith, which is reflected in your feedback, then such questions will not apply to you or will not even be considered. But it is up to the buyer to decide.


Perhaps I put it wrong. There is a possibility that the person is a fraud. For example, if he has no reviews, but he asks for a “higher price”, it could be a scammer. Nobody talks about experienced people who have high ratings. Your client pays for the work, but also for the fact that you “humanly” discuss his order with him. This is the service the buyer is entitled to. Thank you for your opinion! I will take into account the fact that I did not correctly express my thought.


Thank you for answering the topic. In the sentence you specified, there is the preposition “but” further. This is the same as what you said: sellers set the time. But in a polite way, the buyer may ask you to do it a little faster to make sure there are no new adjustments. YOU understand perfectly well that when the work is due on deadline, it is no longer possible to redo something. And no one needs dissatisfied clients :slight_smile:

And thanks for your comment on the GIG. I will correct this sentence to get my point across.


Thank you for your opinion! :slight_smile:


Thank you for providing me with an insight into why people do that. I was genuinely puzzled for years. In fact, someone asked me for “more samples” the other day.

That being said, it’s a major turn-off and I decline to work with buyers like that.


The point you made that I was contradicting had nothing to do with the amount of reviews or reviews in general.


Me too, @lenasemenkova!

I charge $5 for any work samples my buyers request.

Only desperate sellers would cow down to this type of request. I have delivery times on my gigs for a reason. Furthermore, the time for making is adjustments is part of my delivery time.


This is what most new seller lacking.
Some even contact me as seller, ask for job ike " BRO, Have Any Job for me?"
Never call somebody “Sir, Bro, Brother, My Man, My Friends…,” sound unprofessional
Just call by their name or id, is much much better…,


…Um, I put my concept sketches in my character art gig images and video, how much more proof should a buyer need?

Uh, I think you meant seller in that one. And that’s sort of a post-order thing, not in-line with your thread title: How to choose a seller. As a seller, I still appreciated the light reminder to buyers, but it doesn’t help with the decision-making-process.


ask the seller a sample of his/her work.

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If the seller doesn’t send samples in a short time, they could be sleeping, or doing something else. People have lives outside of Fiverr. Also, a seller could be unable to send samples due to confidentiality reasons. It doesn’t make them a scammer, it makes them honest and reliable.

That sounds like a nightmare buyer. Yes, I will deliver as fast as I can, but a buyer who rushes me is likely to be a problematic buyer I don’t want to work with.

1,000+ reviews? Good luck with that.

Sellers should respond politely and accurately, but if someone charges $5, it’s unreasonable to expect lengthy discussions before the order, unless the buyer is willing to pay additionally for the seller’s time.

By the way, have you read the forum rules before posting? Tips should come from experienced users, and it looks like your account is brand new, and like you haven’t sold or bought anything yet.


To the buyers out there:

  • Yes, ask for extra samples to be provided quickly. Create an impression that you either didn’t care enough to even look at the person’s portfolio before contacting them or you’ve seen the portfolio and are, in fact, looking for something completely different. Which begs the question why are you contacting this particular seller in the first place.

  • Yes, rush the seller. Show yourself being incapable of proper time management and unwilling of honoring the terms of the gig you’ve just purchased (with the delivery time being one of those terms).

  • Read ALL the reviews.

  • In short, treat every seller like a potential scammer who has no say in setting up their own gig terms. This will lead to a productive collaboration and great results overall. You’ll overwhelm and put extra pressure on a newer seller and scare off an established seller this way.

(Don’t do that).


You have interpreted my words quite roughly now. It talked about those buyers who just came to Fiverr and they do not need your work for 200 with 1000+ reviews. This is for those who want a simple 5-10 job, but don’t want to waste it either. Thank you for your opinion.

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If you get a bad review, it’s not always your fault. But it happens that yours too. Don’t idealize yourself. In each case, a different situation. Nobody imposes writing a review. It says that you can do it to help others. Buyers are entitled to this, but sometimes they are shy.