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"This is exactly what I wanted!" - How can a buyer choose a seller?

From my personal experience, clients never look at my live portfolio. It is not so easy to find honestly.

Delivery before the deadline is fast delivery and as such SHOULD BE PAID IN UPSELLING.
Rushing a client is unprofessional and micromanaging.

It is very complex discussion. Some reviews weight more than the other, if I have a gig with basic started from 400$ , clients expect a lot more then a client paying 5$, so it depends of the gig.

My advice is to look good at the sample to see if their work matches your need. Just the other day there was a buyer complaining that the quality of the logo is not good, I am not a logo design but as it turns out the quality was fine, just the seller had a style that the clients didn’t want and this could have been avoided by taking a good look at the portfolio.


No one charging that little should have to endure what you’re proposing. Your approach is very entitled.

I did a $210 order the other day and I wouldn’t do anything that you’re suggesting for that and I wouldn’t do it for a $1000 order either. I suggest you find ways to evaluate freelancers that don’t involve wasting their time. I assure you there are ways to do that.

@lenasemenkova wasn’t exaggerating or mischaracterizing you.

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I’m just telling you how your approach looks from the other end, from the seller’s standpoint. Which would make it counterproductive, because, again, it applies unnecessary pressure to new sellers and makes established sellers think something is off and decline working with you.

But seriously, from Alena to Alena, I thank you for this post. :slight_smile: It’s been insightful.

PS Everything I said applies to $5-10 sellers as well. There is no distinction. They are people trying to make a living and making a living with those gigs.


It’s really very helpful

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Thanks for your opinion!

A beautiful read. I think buyers should be more assertive with what they want, once they know exactly what they need, hiring should be a piece of cake.


Very intelligent read. Sellers should be equally considered.

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Interesting that you found something the OP said to be helpful. What was helpful to you as a seller, exactly?


Thanks a lot dear, Really it is very usefull post for sellers.

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The post was tips for buyers. :thinking:


Nah, I don’t agree with this point. I’m a Buyer and a Seller on 5r. If a Seller is new, 5r gave them the “right” to set their prices. It doesn’t necessarily scream scammer. Remember many Sellers are established outside of 5r with a well-respected and reputable social media presence. :pineapple:


Read carefully. Nobody says that this is a scammer. the question is that it MAY BE a scammer :slight_smile:

I think this poster seems to be forgetting that people work on different niches on Fiverr. Therefore, the approach should differ. The way you evaluate a seller in the writing and translation niche should differ from that of a graphic designer. It is unfair to evaluate everyone alike.

For me, the tip here should be that buyers should know exactly what service they are looking for, and communicate it properly to the seller. I was on a job that I would have done ordinarily in 72 hours for almost two weeks because the buyer couldn’t explain what she wanted properly. I kept doing trial and error until I was able to figure it out. Mind you that she had tried it with other sellers before getting to me.

Imagine that I didn’t figure it out? It would have been that I don’t know want I am doing here.

Now talking about reviews, do you know that people pay to get reviews? That a seller has some bad reviews only says one thing, “he or she is a human and not a robbot.”

Dear buyer, read through a seller’s gig description, contact him/her with the exact description of what you want, and ask them if they can do it? If they answer in the affirmative, negotiate the price and delivery time with them, and if you reach a consensus, you are good to go.


very important, good job.

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Yes, For example, Me :slight_smile:
I have just 1 review, but I am working to the fullest, I even offer discounts sometimes

Very helpful information indeed!

I agree with your thoughts :v:

I agree with your thoughts

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Thank you for pointing out your ambition, which is very important to us and will be useful to everyone. Thanks again. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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