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This is for all you Music Composers


We mostly focus too much on presentation of our gig services, whether it’s attractive enough for gaining a first positive impression, whether it has any silly spelling mistakes, tags and titles are relevant or not, etc. etc.

But what most of us forget about is the important fact that our gigs are virtual representations of ourselves and our inner talents in the respective field. This is a creative platform and more than anything else, what truly matters in the long run is… WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON…

I am a working music composer who also happens to be here, so it will be easier for me to explain this human psychology in the perspective of a musician.

And I shall humbly appreciate any comments by fellow composers like me. I hardly see any comments from sellers who are in music category. Most of the music seller’s posts can be found in “my fiverr gigs”, which is just a small space to promote your gigs…



It’s not just about music theory, mixing and mastering techniques that makes a great composer. As a human being too, you must be a giver, a selfless, humble and an open minded person willing to share your experiences and knowledge to others that you earned by dedicating years of your life into studying music theory, mixing, mastering and production techniques. It’s true we all are in this business for money and spend thousands of dollars too … to gain knowledge. But what’s more important is creative satisfaction and your love for music. It’s true for any job not just music. If your heart isn’t into the work that you do, no matter how much hours you spend, you will never achieve success… as simple as that.
But unfortunately I’ve observed, some folks don’t understand this human psychology. Their egos are longer than the music tracks they produce. They are filled with arrogance and “I am better than everyone else” syndrome… which will eventually destroy their credibility in the long run. As a working producer, you have to team up with various other producers, learn their styles, preferences, be honest and humble, have great communication with clients, etc.
I am glad to be part of yet another platform like this one where I can meet new budding musicians, display my talents of what I love doing, I posted something about studying various trap artists like Future, Migos, Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane, etc. in a music related Facebook group for learning various styles of trap music and apply that into your productions. I just asked for simple opinions on what producers think about these top listed trap artists and how they identify their music styles which makes them unique.
One producer (which I am not gonna name) jumped up his gun and started bragging about how he spend $50,000 on gaining knowledge and that I was trying to acquire the same for “free” by “pitching” my business and using tactics to try to seek help of others for my own benefit…
Haha, what a bunch of BS and narrow mindedness!
I feel sorry for whoever artist that might have hired such a producer.

Remember friends, money can’t buy everything. It’s a temporary asset which comes and goes. What truly drives that exchange is your inner talent which is priceless and no authority in this world has the power to buy that from you or sell you that. :slight_smile: What remains embedded inside you is your talent, your willingness to seek help and provide it selflessly, which in turn can give you unlimited dividends in the long run… in the form of trust by others who will work with you.

Unlike money, knowledge and experiences just increases the more you spend them, the more you share them with others who are in need.

and that’s how I gave that $50,000 producer my 2 invaluable cents (which I wonder how long will it take for him to earn)

(MKG Arts)


Coming from one who stated “use your girl skills to get clients”, that sentence is already a small improvement.

That’s because in internet a potential buyer would come to see, click and if s/he finds something “strange” would just move on… The whole idea behind this is to make the potential client to come to see, to click and to stay. You cannot achieve that if your presentation is a mess, you could be a nice/good person but you won’t get orders.

I would ask the fellow users in this Forum if they would buy something from me, knowing how I am in here… most of them would not even step on my front porch, in fear I could bite them.
However, I make decent earnings in my Gigs.
That has to do with how professional in your business you are… even when your own clients would not invite you to dinner.

On the rest I cannot have any opinion because I’m not a musician… and that’s a lot of musician’s stuff…


have you ever dinner with your clients ?


On the internet? impossible even when I (or they) would like to.
Business dinners I had thousand, however, that sentence was not meant to be taken literally, hope you understood that. :wink:


got it :smile_cat: (20 characters)



I never meant “use your girl skills to get clients” in a cheap way. I just like sarcasms. But Beauty (or dirty) is in the eyes (and minds) of a beholder. enough said.

and thanks for reading btw. Yes, there are a lot of musician’s tech in here as it’s directed mainly for fellow composers around here who hardly ever participate in forums[quote=“manish30885, post:1, topic:147267”]
our gigs are virtual representations of ourselves and our inner talents in the respective field.

Let’s say you have to deal with a Buyer who has a very impressive profile pic, great communication skills, but a really crappy personality, gave you tough time while his/her order was underway. You worked hard to deliver to your client but still he gave you a lower rating. Would you work with him again in future regardless of his personality just because his communication and presentation is great??

answer is NO

It works backwards too.

A PERSON’S CHARACTER MATTERS. Being online doesn’t mean we are robots. We are humans behind that computer screen.

and I would love to have a dinner (and make dinner) for my clients (if they fly from their country to visit me :smiley: )


Working hard and delivering what the client expects are two very different things. That’s absolutely subjective: you can think your work is great, others can see it average.
No point made for you there. If you deliver high-quality work, you will get a great review, no matter if you’re a creepy guy or you help all kittens down the trees in your neighborhood. People will rate you for your work, simple as that.

Well… if you ask me a question and answer it for me… then why should I even bother, uh?


Haha, am I pissing you off?

Excuse me if you had a bad day.

if you don’t bother then why keep selecting my quotes and arguing on it as if you have a certain point to prove?

Those who understood the message in my post will certainly take a gem of a lesson and apply it in their day to day life… Fiverr is just a small part of what you do in life :slight_smile:

(Although, you are free to select any of my valuable quotes and comment endlessly on it as to what you should do and what you shouldn’t, your welcome to convey your opinion)

Bottomline is that my post message never conveys that Personality of an individual takes a preference over quality of his/her work. This is a work platform not a matrimonial website where you’re searching for your perfect partner having common interests. Everyone knows that.

Well, I might add one more message now, #BE OPEN MINDED AND NOT JUDGMENTAL

If you’re still unable to grasp true message of this post, please read again.



Writes who then also writes this:

No comment needed, you write everything from alone.:wink:

So I suppose for you 3 of 46 should be a gem of a number

For you maybe, for others is a full-time job, why you assume in all your posts? You know everybody in this website to make those assumptions? It seems so…

So having a different opinion than yours makes a person automatically a judgmental person?
Who’s the open minded? That should be you, right?

Please enlight me with that… because every single part of your post is completely misleading, this post is not a tip, this will not improve any Gig, you may be wanting to teach how people should behave in life. You should change this thread to “conversations” then… simple.
And the truth is there, plain and painful : that’s why almost 50 people didn’t even like it…

I don’t assume.
I post facts, and those are visible.

Oh, don’t thank me for showing your contradictions and all the facts, that’s what every intelligent person would do. :slight_smile:


That’s a wonderful article for the feelz bro. Reality bites, however, and while your business may require channelling your inner Mozart, first impressions do last and a professional approach to a professional problem is nothing to scoff or undermine.


Thank you :slight_smile:

I appreciate your comment.

and yes, I agree with you, first impressions do last and you should always have a professional approach to any problem and not be a whiny person.


I was being facetious. The content of your article is little more than a feelgood and should not be touted as gospel.


and I am not claiming to be the one with gospel truth either my friend. You know better what kind of person you are and how to improve yourself :slight_smile:

I just shared my opinions and my own perceptions of how I deal with narrow minded people.

I do feel this post really bites for some as the other person in this post is endlessly trying to argue with me haha

But I advise one should not take it personally.


@wuerz123 now can you please stop spamming my post with your useless arguments???

I am not here for receiving likes sir/madam . I am here to EXPRESS MY OPINION and I’ve every right to do so. If you have any problem with my post or comments, then feel free to talk to the Fiverr support. I will be happy with whatever decision they take regarding this post.

I’ve changed the title, changed the section, not cause you said so, this post was anyway meant for music composers so if you are unable to understand the message in this post, then at least stop trying to interpret this post as “misleading”

That’s it.


Now that I’ve established dominance, I will answer to your post like every other girl would:

So do I, and all others who post in every single thread.
The fact you don’t agree with my opinion, or you don’t like my opinion is irrelevant at this point. Because your thread is public, and so every single user is allowed to give their own personal opinion.
You think something, I think something else. We discuss that as professionals, and not with calling names and demeaning other people’s ideas. Just make it clear with facts, and why you state/write something.
Acceptance and respect are the basis of every discussion, there is no place for tantrums or hair-pulling.


dominance over who?? Me?? :heart_eyes:
oh, I see! so you would now answer like any other girl would… (and initially you were behaving like a relentless assassin waiting to crush anyone in it’s path… lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

(so you’re a girl…hmm… as I suspected early on by your reaction to my another post on “girl skills” comment… girls always love to prove dominance over men I know :wink: )

Now that’s a great reply I really do appreciate. Sure, as professionals, we must agree to disagree and not do hair pulling on each other, which really annoys me (and which btw did appear initially as you kept quoting my comments relentlessly and striking back)

I respect women as I said, so I didn’t bother to argue with you.

I’ve seen your gig page just out of curiosity. You’re a veteran seller here on Fiverr and have more experience so my respect goes for you Ms. wuerz (or whatever is your real name)



That’s just my introduction sentence :grin:

Now we agree, so maybe in 100 years we could be friends, what you say? :innocent:

I’m a seller and not over 30 yet! :rage:

That’s exactly what’s written in my police records…:neutral_face:


I believe in living fast and dying young… 100 years is too long :unamused: …let’s be friends now! :relieved:

I am just over 30… 32 to be exact… life begins at 30 :slight_smile: (just letting you know in case you were wondering about my age as I am very intelligent for my age)

haha :scream:


Ok… take a number and wait in line, please…:girl:

That’s good. Fits to my hobby: I outsmart self-entitled intelligent men, in my free time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It’s fun… you should try sometimes :+1: :smiley_cat: :sunflower:


Excuse me but I don’t like to flirt with self-centered girls in my free time :heart: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… I let them feel happy about themselves by dropping my weapon and surrendering like a real man :grinning:… girls always like to win arguments however silly they are hee hee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What else is your hobby besides what you do in your gigs? As for me, my gig is my hobby, my profession and my passion, my life… It’s an all in one package :slight_smile: