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This is funny

I think.

Client used to order content $5.00 per 1,000 words. He wanted those 1000 words split into 100 word articles. Today I told him I can no longer offer that price:

“well we had an agreement with you and you agreed and now all of a sudden you are rude and say you don’t wanna work with us. We will write a formal complaint to Fiverr today or tomorrow on how poor you work with us always getting into arguments … You should work elsewhere and stop treating Fiverr clients like you do. We won’t be leaving this as is Ryan. No need to respond wait we will get back to you.”

"We had an agreement on previous orders. I no longer provide that service. I have explained the reasons as to why I do not provide that service. I am not being rude. I have told numerous clients today I can no longer offer that particular service because it doesn’t earn me any money. Nobody can live on $2.00 an hour.

I don’t see why you would need to send a formal complaint to Fiverr because I now refuse to offer a service that I did in the past.

You are, essentially, complaining at me for not reducing my prices for you. That is unfair. Prices do need to go up from time to time."

I can’t wait to see how much further he takes this. I am, essentially, being blackmailed into offering a reduced price :confused:

Psh. Clients.

(the arguments he talks about are when I refused to deliver content as a sample. He then placed an order and wanted 2 articles a day. I do not offer partial deliveries. He told me I was in the wrong)

Great, just say no.

This is the 4th client I have had to say no to today. This client is the one I am most worried about because he has 7 orders he has yet to leave feedback on.

Ok try putting some sugar on it next time so it goes from this:

" “We had an agreement on previous orders. I no longer provide that service. I have explained the reasons as to why I do not provide that service. I am not being rude. I have told numerous clients today I can no longer offer that particular service because it doesn’t earn me any money. Nobody can live on $2.00 an hour."

To this:
I do apologize! I would love nothing more than to continue on as we have been! But so many people have been telling me I need to increase my prices and they have finally convinced me. It is with deepest regret and my sincerest apologies that I say this. I cherish having you as a client and want nothing more than to continue our work together.
Please accept my humble apology.


I know it goes against everything in you but hey it’s customer relations so it can’t hurt to try to disarm them somewhat.

While I agree that being what I call “super nice” is important, I don’t think Ryan needs to apologize for raising his prices. This client is being RIDICULOUS. Just because you have offered something in the past does not mean you are under sort of “agreement” (this client is making it sound like they had some sort of contractual agreement) to continue offering services at that price. This client is threatening Ryan with a “formal complaint” because he raised his prices. I don’t feel like this is the time to be begging for anyone’s forgiveness. He didn’t do anything wrong and I don’t think the response he sent was rude at all.

“. This client is threatening Ryan with a “formal complaint”

exactly. Why not try to lower the tension?

Don’t go along to crazytown with him.

Don’t try to continue making it about who is right or wrong. Make it about some
smooth customer relations because we get unreasonable characters at times and we
need to know in advance how to deal with them to keep things running smoothly.
The point is that of course the customer is unreasonable. This is how you disengage from this persons’ issues. It’s like a growling dog about to attack you and you throw it a steak.

It is this kind of response that customer support wants to see when you send them screenshots of the conversation because it shows you did everything you
could possibly do to appease this unreasonable lunatic. You are an angel, even though he is a devil.
(anyway that’s my .02)

Generally at times like this i’m glad I do SEO work as well as my content writing. I have been getting an increase in my content writing orders after making some changes and I remembered how much of a headache it was. Especially when getting modification requests on my “no revisions” gigs.

You know I am actually looking at this from a different perspective. I mean how are you a seller with so many reviews as you have who is only just now asking for people to pay for individual pages (i.e. individual lots of 1 gig for 100 words instead of $5 for 1000)? I mean, if you are as successful as you are you must have known that you could have done this ages ago?

Aside from that, though, by some previous posts which I have read (and supported) on this forum, it seems like you have been ripped off by a buyer (which is bad) but that you might now be taking this out on your existing loyal buyers.

Of course, I doubt that you are doing so intentionally but by what you posted, I think that this matter could have been much easier dealt with.

I hope that this doesn’t cause offense but it’s just my two cents. Good luck either way.

One thing I learned recently - don’t judge anyone!

Totally. I was just saying that I didn’t think it was necessary to ask for forgiveness or apologize when he didn’t do anything wrong. In my experience, CS hasn’t expected me to grovel at the feet of my buyers when they’re the ones being unreasonable and rude. They do expect me to be polite, which I am, and which I think Ryan was in his original response.

This isn’t a loyal buyer. Every single order he has placed he has created problems and tried to get a further discount on every single order or tried to obtain free content if I do not deliver a few articles every day.

I am still writing 1,000 words for $5.00. However, he wants 10 individual articles for that price. That means 10x the amount of research (all articles are different). I have zero issues working for him if he requires 2 x 500-word articles for the money (as my gig states). However, I am no longer going to be breaking down orders further than 500 words. I can write those articles in 7-15 minutes (depending on the requirements of the project). I can’t write what he is after in the same amount of time.

I am willing to make exceptions for smaller articles if the client has not caused me issues in the past. I don’t have any problem with that. If the customer realizes it will take longer, that is cool. Most will ‘tip’ me for it. However, if you are a client expecting your content to be completed in half the time my gig states, if you message me at 3am asking where your content is, and you insist that I have a contractual obligation to deliver your content because I have done that in the past, I am going to be less inclined to bend my rules for you. This customer, and the other customers I told that I can no longer offer that particular service at this price, fell into that camp. One of them even found out my phone number and called me at 4:30am a few weeks back.

I thought I was polite too! He had actually sent a few messages before that telling me that we had a contract in place for this type of content and that I had to provide it to him. He started out by requesting that I deliver a $100 order in one day, because that is what I have delivered it in in the past. He said that this was our agreement. I said no. He then said 3-days or it would report me to Fiverr for being rude. I then got the reply above. Now he just keeps messaging this as a response to everything (well, three times). I just wish to know how he intends to take it further. My last account warning was for demanding that a client removes my content from his website (this was one of the scammers) and this guy reported me to customer support for spam (I only messaged twice, one was a custom order so he could pay to use my content), so I have zero idea what CS will do in this situation:

“We will take this further thanks Ryan. Enjoy your day”

Apparently he is now under ‘investigation’ by the trust & safety team. I, however, know that just means “thanks. we are closing your ticket now without a response”

Either I would have diffused it or stopped talking to him when he started threatening and demanding.

ROFL!@!!! Thanks for the laugh.

Some people are really dumb. They dont understand life and how to navigate through it. - Dont expect them to do math and logic while they leave common sense in the gutter.

Way to go Ryan … next time … just take less energy to do away with them.
We dont have any more time to deal with people like that.

They are lucky if we send them the minimum character limit required to reply back . Got in trouble for saying ABC123 though… so dont try that.