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This is Getting Beyond a Joke


So I wake up this morning to this:


The latest message from a buyer whos order I refused to cancel about a week ago.

This buyer has been blocked by me several times now. To make matters worse, they are sending me worse messages wherever they can find me elsewhere online.

When will Fiverr finally start clamping down on this kind of thing on the buyer side? It is absolutely disgusting. - Not to mention unfair since the buyer (now ex-buyer) is clearly blind. :slight_smile:


Do you say that because your now ex-buyer does not recognize your good looks? :wink: Or because your ex-buyer thinks you are a female :dog:? :thinking: :grin:


I’m shocked that you even need to ask. - I’ts clearly my good looks.


I suspected that was the case. :laughing:
Have a :beer: and know that you did a good job of getting their :goat: How are they still contacting you if you :black_large_square: them?


I have blocked this buyer at least 20 times. It seems that that the block only lasts for a finite amount of time, though.

As for beer. No thanks, Vicky. It’s not even 8 am and I am T-total these days. You knock yourself out with a Long Island Ice Tea on my behalf. :slight_smile:


So am I. The only time I indulge in an alcoholic drink is when I am with my sons and then it is only once in awhile. Usually, I just have a sip of what they are having for curiosity’s sake.

Weird the block is not working. I thought maybe it was the same seller with a different account.


It’s true that blocking only lasts for a finite amount of time, I noticed this after someone I blocked messaged me again after sometime. Yeah, I wish there was a permanent solution to those kind of things.

You need not be shocked, it’s clearly your good looks that’s getting that buyer going back. :laughing:


Aw, Andy I think a fan club is in the brewing. :wink:


Oh my… Well aren’t they classy. :woman_facepalming:
Shouldn’t they be suspended or something? Taunting and verbally attacking has to be against TOS, or are they stricter on the sellers vs the buyers.

I’ve had a few experiences with :poop: buyers but they’ve never been as horribly persistent as yours. I’m assuming you’ve contacted CS too? I did that when someone kept creating new accounts to ask me about my feet and they were all removed, but I think that was a different situation.


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