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This is great - your LAUGH for the evening (especially writers)!

I received the following message tonight: "I need 7000 word’s article in 20$ within 10 hour’s!!!"

Okay. Overlooking the fact that I don’t even offer this as a service, or that if I were to produce that amount of sales copy the purchase price would be off by more than a factor of ten, it was pretty clear that this person was trying to do something fishy.

A quick peek at his profile shows - you guessed it - he’s an “English-speaking” Fiverr Seller who offers WRITING gigs (from Pakistan)! And who has happened to leave one of his ONLY five reviews so far? You guessed it … ANOTHER “English-speaking” SELLER, who ALSO offers Writing Gigs here on Fiverr! (Ironically, she too has previously messaged me in a similar lowball attempt to outsource her writing.)

This is high comedy.

But seriously, all of you native English speaking Sellers who are writers here, please be careful to avoid gigs from fellow Sellers who advertise to be Writers on their own profile, yet can’t even string together a few words properly when they message you. Otherwise you’ll only perpetuate this ridiculous charade :slight_smile:

Reply to @sara1984: haha seriously! Don’t even get me started on the plagiarism requests…

david388 said: "I need 7000 word's article in 20$ within 10 hour's!!!"

Requests like these just blow my mind. Yikes!

Reply to @fonthaunt: LOL “for you, I’ll give you an extra 12 hrs” because you’re that special to him.

Good tip about checking the profile. I never had a “writer” ask for bulk work, but I did have someone tell me that he was giving me an enormous opportunity for long-term work at a high cost if I were to re-write 10k+ words for $10 as a “test run.” I just said something like “Sorry, I don’t think I’m the right seller for the job. Good luck!”

Wow, this is just ridiculous!!! :-w

Reply to @annai80: Totally agree. I think what really boils me is that there’s a key difference between outsourcing overflow work you’re running out of time to do, and outsourcing work that you’re not capable of doing in the first place, yet represent as your own. I know it’s not against TOS, but it’s still super-sleazy!

Also had same experience. I had an offer of 10,000 words contents in s places which is 2000 words at the rate of $5 per 2000 words. I had to instantly reject his offer.

Beware!!! writers

I got one of those a few weeks ago. He offered $20 for 7500 words in 8 hrs. I told him I couldn’t do 8 hrs at any price that night. He offered $25 and 10 hrs. I quoted him $275 for 7500 in 12 hrs. He replied with “ok sir for you I give 25$ and you write in 24 hours ok?” I told him I was going to bed, good night, good luck. Crazy!

I have ordered from other writers twice to outsource when I had a crisis but I was up front. I bought some PLR on Fiverr too because I had a local acquaintance who wanted bulk junk content for some newsletter and PLR was good enough. I suppose there are a variety of legit reasons for it, but those super-speed lowball offers from fake writers seem obvious.

I got one of those, too. A “writer” from Pakistan wanted erotica plus suspense story (which I don’t even write, the “writer” linked the message to a family-friendly gig for writing Christmas related stories with a cat as a character), 35,000 words in 6 days for $25 to $35.

lol maybe if they added another 0 to that $20 :))

Oh man, that is ridiculous. I would charge $230 for 7,000 words, plus a significant express delivery fee to get it done in 10 hours. I’m glad everyone one here values their time enough not to take on that kind of order!

I was on Buyer Requests yesterday and saw somebody wanting a 7,000 word medical essay delivered for $5 within 24 hours. :slight_smile:

Wonder if it was the same person.