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This Is How fragglesrock Responds To An Issue

Ordered a simple design under Posters & Flyers from [fragglesrock] several weeks ago. I approved it because it was fine, but when we went to print it my printer told me the image blurred above 6 inches! It was supposed to be a poster or flyer! I requested a larger file. No one responded. I asked customer service to help. No one responded. I finally wrote fragglesrock again (fragglesrock is his name) and told him, essentially, he was a bad representative of Fiverr. Honest to god if he doesn’t reply back within an hour! Here’s his reply:


I’m not going to argue with you, go ahead and write whatever you like to whoever you’d like. I’m only guilty of not reading my messages as frequently as I should. I’ve sent a link to the source file, edit it yourself.

Yeah. Edit it myself. That’s fine. He’s got zero accountability and zero credibility. He cuts and pastes existing templates for $5 a pop, ignores a simple request to make good on his original promise, and then gets all Bill Gates-y when challenged. Ok, fragglesrock. I’ll edit it myself. Go back to doing whatever it is you do.

Sheriff’s note: calling out names is not allowed on this forum, so real names have been fragglesrocked

Sorry to hear that something like this happened to you. Maybe the person just edited existing free flyer which he downloaded from internet and he just couldn’t make it larger, cuz he didnt know how since it wasn’t his work. Or he was pretty ignorant and doesn’t care for customers.
Anyway, if you want to order from anyone, just ask first for the dimensions of the flyer. Good luck with it, if something is still wrong I can help you somehow (I’m not advertising myself, I mean free help), and I hope you won’t have these kind of situations in future:)

Sorry for what happened to you, did you purchase the source files from him ? maybe it could better if gave him the exact size of the poster ? There are a lot of fake graphic designers with( God knows how many) years of experience here on Fiverr. If what he promised was original and unique work and you received a modified template, you shouldn’t accept it at the first place, and maybe you had to ask for a refund to get your work done by a better designer.

Why does the source’s actual name keep switching to Fragglesrock? It’s [fragglesrock]. His name is Roberto.

Ok, fair enough. But why didn’t FIVERR step up when I asked them to get involved? Why didn’t FIVERR reply to my email? I’m not worried about a $5 bill. I feel like this designer is not as advertised. If they got involved earlier, he might have simply sent me a revised file in the proper format and everyone’s happy.

It is Fiverr’s issue in the end, but they are ignoring it, too. I don’t do business like that, so call me Mr Fancy Pants.

Reply to @nicnaz: Ohhhh…just saw the Sheriff’s note about not using real names. That’s awesome - let’s protect the boneheads.