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This is how I became a hot shot on fiverr

  1. Download Fiverr app. Fiverr app shows buyers that I am online. They love this because I am able to answer their questions before the place their orders.
  2. I don’t pile up orders. I have discovered that sales is better when I deliver more orders. So even if the buyer has not clicked on “deliver fast” try as much as possible to deliver the order as fast as you can.
  3. Use twitter. I promote my gig on twitter with trending and relevant hashtags.

    These and more are the reasons why I remain the best copywriter on Fiverr.



You are absolutely right!

I don’t know about the Fiverr App… but everything else yes.

I never let orders build up. Get em done as soon as possible.

If you have a dozen orders in your que people wonder if you’ll get to them fast enough. I never understood why people let them build up. They probably think that if a buyer sees lots of orders they’ll order as well. But that’s not true at all.

alexismorgan said: These and more are the reasons why I remain the best copywriter on Fiverr.
The tips are fine, but uhh, you're not even a level 1 seller yet. Has someone changed the definition of "hot shot" when I wasn't looking?


Reply to @itsyourthing: It doesn’t show on the forum, but alexismorgan is a level 2 seller.


@itsyourthing - Don’t worry! You’re a Hot Shot seller, I’m a Hot Shot Seller @catwriter is one and so is the guy who hasn’t even posted yet!

We’re ALL Hot Shot sellers! :wink:


Reply to @bigbadbilly: And we’re each the best on Fiverr, too! :slight_smile:


< the guy who hasn't even posted yet!


Reply to @itsyourthing: really?


I made this post to help. Some comments here are just so discouraging.


Reply to @alexismorgan: Don’t worry about it, some people are just born like that.


If you’re really the best copywriter, take a picture of your analytic page. Show everyone how much money you’re making.


You can’t post with that title and expect not to get some retort :slight_smile: Asking for attention that way, cuts both ways you know :slight_smile:


@alexismorgan - Like @artportraits wrote. With a title like that… you’re begging for some fun poked your way.

But… don’t worry. It is all just fun. Nobody really wrote anything mean or insulting. It’s just… When you stand holding up the " Don’t push this Red Button " button, some people (Myself included) just can’t help pushing it.


Reply to @d3services: thanks


Reply to @fastcopywriter: spoken like a child.


Reply to @artportraits: I wrote the truth. I am included in all of the recent Fiverr writing gig emails.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: lol. We are talking about copywriting here. I write every copy like the product is the best! So, yeah! I am the hottest copywriter on FIVERR.


I am the BEST in the WULD!!! Look at MEEE!!! Here’s how you can BE MEEE!!


Drink Coffee!!!


Reply to @alexismorgan: Oh yeah? Let me show you how much this “child” is making.

Go ahead, Big Shot, show us how much you’re making. I mean, you’re the best copywriter, right? You’re so full of it, TALENTED people don’t need to praise themselves, they have OTHERS doing it for them. I make a ton of money, yet do I claim to be the best? No, I know others make more than me. So why not work on your humility instead of acting like you’re so important?


Reply to @alexismorgan: Yeah right, you have no proof. I have proof. Here. Seet that gig below? That’s my gig.

Wanna see more? This gig is a FEATURED gig. That’s right, CHOSEN by the editors, based on SALES and POSITIVE reviews.

You’re the hottest copywriter? Prove it!