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This Is How I Feel When Buyer Orders Gig, But Does Not Read Description


It hasn’t been a huge problem yet, but it is frustrating.


Reply to @teerika: I can understand how that can be frustrating! [= I don’t mind it too much. It’s when they order and tell me “oh, I’ll get you what you need later,” that I’m just like… "Um, what?"

If you’re going to order my Gig, at least have your work ready. xD


LOL Funny! When this happens, I hear from them- I just watched your video and ordered right away! I should have stated in my video to read the gig description first. I don’t feel like making a new video though. Keep trying!


Reply to @servicetier: I wish you the best of luck! [=


Hi maddisont!

I feel your pain. I had one that was placing their first order ever on this platform and I ended up doing a lot of hand-holding to get them through the process. It resulted in a sale and there’s more to come, hopefully.

I love how you’re at Level 1; that’s where I aspire to be!

Take care,