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This is how the algorithm works? (How Rank again)

I made a research in the forum, and the CS will give the same answer that the algorithm is automatically and etc… What happen in the end is that the GIGs in some point will be moved from the first page to the last page in some moment.

I made a research here in the forum “2019-2020” and i concluded that problably this will happen with all sellers TRS or Level 2… you know the Fiverr is always improving the algarithm so the things always will change.

This topic is important because even the most perfeclty gig can be moved to the last page from day to night… the reason that i created this topic is because i saw some comments of others sallers facing this issue in January and February 2021.

What i would like is hear from some sellers that faced this problem in 2019 or 2020… How you solved this issue? The things back to working as before?


I just got the Level 2 Seller badge last February 15th and things didn’t go smoothly, but I expected that. I noticed too many Level 2 Sellers and TRS complaining about not getting orders or inquiries from buyers. It’s possible that we are all suffering from Fiverr’s algorithm, but no one really knows how it exactly works. There are no parameters, it just goes automatically.

During these times I usually make researches or try to improve my skills and gigs.


Exactly looks like that this rotation is happening again… just don’t make sense send the gig from the first page to the last. The right logic is move form the first to second, second to third page, etc… “in other words looks like that all improvement that you made in your gig was made for nothing”


It was happening a year ago, two years and three years ago. It’s not happening “again”, it’s just happening.
Every month people come on the forum and complain about gig rotation and their gigs being placed on last pages.


Yes this is why i created this topic to know how this people find the solution, the oldest topics just have complains about the situation… or in other case every year we will find the same topics about: “i lost rank”


Maybe because there is no “solution” :wink:

@frank_d wrote a good post on that topic. You can check the history of topics he created to find it


Maybe you are right, but the oldest sellers just sit and waited? I don’t think this will help :thinking: Perhaps an experienced person like @frank_d can share some information


@mateusbl - you can’t expect @frank_d to rewrite the same thing he’s already written many, many times… He’s answered this question, over and over.

@mariashtelle1 has even told you how to find the answer you’re looking for.

But I’ll take you one step further.


Thanks for share and i’ll check, but i don’t expect that he write again… my question in the first topic was: The things back to working for you?

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The problem is, you’re assuming that the algorithm works by simply allowing people their ‘fair share’ of time on the front page of search. Do you really believe that a NYSE listed business really cares about giving all sellers, irrespective of their offering/ability/performance a ‘fair’ amount of exposure? Or, do you think that they might be more interested in creating an algorithm that helps buyers find sellers who can solve their problems? (and in turn, generate more profit for Fiverr)

Frank discusses this at length in his post.

He then lists many of his theories about what the algorithm IS looking at, and how he has changed his working methods to try and improve his situation. Real, tangible actions that you can start taking in your business right now.

I would advise you to go and fully read his post. And then, if you’ve got specific questions about the things he talks about there, I’m sure if you ask him, he’d be happy to clarify.


Thanks for the sharing.

Let’s use a little logic here.

There are a few MILLION freelancers here on Fiverr.

The majority of us want to be on Page One because Google has brainwashed us into believing that if you are NOT on Page One, you don’t exist.

Fiverr is NOT Google.

Page One on Fiverr has only so much room.

In order to be fair to the millions of us wanting to be on Page One, Fiverr rotates Gigs.

Here’s the interesting part no one seems to mention:

When my Gigs are buried somewhere beyond Page Five or don’t appear at all…I STILL get jobs.

What does that mean?

It means that instead of worrying about location, I get to worry about working for clients because wherever I show up in searches, I’m still getting work.

I hope that helps.


Yes i think that you are right to continue working that’s will help, but you barely will get new clients being in the last page of course that have others factor like filters. Maybe the key is be patient?

You are wright about google/fiverr, but in my particulary opnion to be fair the rotation should happen every week so everyone will be in first page and last page constantly… of course this is just a point of view of a seller, the algarithm works in the way that the Fiverr want.

Anyway i appreciate your answer

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Bottom line is if you offer a service that a buyer finds attractive, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the first or tenth page. If you are getting zero impressions, then you need to find a way to direct traffic to your gig. The way I manage to get my impressions without the help of the Fiverr algorithm will not help anyone else. You have to find what works for you.


I don’t think he’s saying he or anyone “deserves” to be on a certain page. It’s clear there’s a glitch in the algorithm when you go to dead last with a very successful profile.

Even bad reviews haven’t knocked me down from the top rows on the first page before. I woke up monday morning on page 7 and if this lasts, it could cost me a MAJOR portion of my business/livlihood with no notice.

It’s not that we deserve to be up front, but we worked hard to get there. Instead of competing for top spots, we randomly hit a “rotation” and random top/level 2 sellers get dropped to the back.

I personally went from 5,000-6,000 impressions per day down to about 200 impressions per day this week. Pretty horrifying if you ask me!

I’m used to getting 5-30 new messages from customers per DAY. I have ZERO messages since last friday, 6 days ago. Zero.


What no one has mentioned above is that except rotation … search Algorithm in Fiverr is Personalised ! I mean that every user (Buyers and Sellers) has their own personal account with search History … Budget spend … Location … etc … So the Algorithm provides different results to every individual user …depending on his Location … History … Budget … and some other factors

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The problem in your case is that you had 2 negative or rather bad reviews within the past 2 months. Stuff like this pushes you back. Get better reviews and avoid any negative ones, then you should be fine.


I would agree with you, if there werent also 70 good reviews mixed with my two “middle” reviews (not terrible or 1 star.) One of which is 2 months old.

Are you trying to say that none of the 400+ sellers I just moved behind have received less than a 3.7 star review over the last 2 months?

What I’m saying is, I wasn’t moved down the list slowly over a bad review. I have 70 positive reviews. 3 weeks ago I received 1 3.7 star review. This week, 3 weeks later, suddenly I am on the 7th out of 9 pages.

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What people fail to grasp is that Fiverr tracks your performance not based on how “perfect” your gig may be or how much money it makes them.

Fiverr tracks your performance as a profile.

Meaning your personal performance as a “seller”.

There are some things that bear little weight and others that can really damage your ability to make new sales.

It’s being done automatically, and there are a lot of metrics being tracked constantly.

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That doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.

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