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This is how to remove bad feedback

Hello, sometimes you provide a good service to a buyer and in time, but some buyers still post bad feedbacks for many reasons.

I’ve read in many posts that the feedback removal is not offered by Fiverr support team, but this is wrong, because the team of Fiverr is great, and they understand your problems when you explain them in details, and they try hard to help you in a really short time.

If you’ve been in that situation and you don’t know how to remove that bad feedback,
here is a -step by step- guide to remove it:

  • Go to:
  • Click on: “Submit a request” in the top of the page on the right
  • From the list choose: “Order support”
  • Fill the informations and explain your problem
  • If you can take screenshots, upload them so they will understand your problem well
  • In the field named “Ticket Categories (Orders)”, Choose: Feedback removal

Be careful:

  • You need to explain your problem in details
  • Screenshots of the order page are needed to help them understanding your porblem

After submitting your request, you’ll receive the answer in less than 24 hours (Positive answer if you have explained well and added screenshots)

I hope that helps you.


Thanks for useful information.

useful information.

You are welcome!

Useful information, thanks!

Thanks. I’ll have to refer to this if it ever comes up.

Useful information!

Useless… They will not remove your negative review…

Good info! To be clear, did they do this for you?

Very useful information. Thank you.

If you have the right to remove the feedback, and you explain well your problem with text and photos, they will remove it.

Yes they did it for me!

Not working for everyone!

It works only if you have the right.

Useful info.

Thank you

hope it will work!

Thanks so much!! :slight_smile:

I gotta say…as a Customer to some of the Sellers on here…you’ve no right to remove negative feedback!
If I bought your gig and at the end you felt the service provided was good, that isn’t the point! Your opinion of your work doesn’t matter. It’s the customer thats footing the bill and if they feel the experience was negative then their feedback should reflect that.

Perhaps the Customer felt that working with you was difficult…perhaps they felt your Customer Service, because that IS part of your role as you deal directly with the person purchasing your product, was seriously lacking or that you did not make things clear to that customer. It is their right to give you bad feedback.

If I discovered that someone removed feedback I’d left then I’d be seriously annoyed.

I’m a Seller elsewhere and still stand by these sentiments. If I get bad feedback, I take it on board as constructive criticism and do better next time.

Really sorry peeps but I think if you are offering services to the general public then you have to get a thicker skin where there opinions come into play. Again…They are the people PAYING you for excellent work and service!! There is some truth to the saying that 'The customer is always right!. You are in a service industry and bad feedback goes with the territory.

Said nicely and NOT antagonistically — Suck it Up! :wink: :wink:

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I have to agree with Scentedsisi!

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