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This is just plain stupid! (25 articles for 5usd, 2000 words each)

Yes, This was in my buyers request. And what shocked me was there were people bidding under it. Like what’ll drive you to bid for such a disrespectful request?
I’m really disgusted…

What’s the most ridiculous request you’ve seen during your fiverr stay?


It’s infuriating that these are allowed to stay up isn’t it?

Very! And he will find some to do it. They always get people to do these jobs and that’s why they keep sending these requests.

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Definitely. I have seen many replies on the most exploitative requests. It’s sad and disturbing.

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looks like they also want some specific scientific\medical research and they want it all done within 24 hours. you would be hard pressed to find a copy of a book like that second hand for $5

on the bright side, the ones who are bidding are probably the type who bid on everything. would be interesting to know how that works out…


This is old and already talked about in another topic. Search for buyers’ requests topic.

Unless the buyer is publishing the same request over and over, this happened one month ago.

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Hehe. Even one 2000 word article takes almost a whole day, if you’re in the zone… Good luck to him lol

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He’ll just get plagiarized stuff. If he manages to sell it to their end client (the person who posted the request is almost certainly a reseller looking to make the biggest profit possible), it works for him. If he doesn’t, he only spent $5 and one day, and he can try again.

So ‘Gerard’ the reseller wants 50,000 words of original content on a specialist topic written in 24 hours? I hope ‘Gerard’ receives completely unusable gibberish causing a massive delay and headache that in turn really annoys his own buyer.


and it needed to be done under 24 hours! :face_with_monocle:

does the buyer allow the seller to do copy paste from other source found on Google? :sweat_smile:

People are like that with 3D too.

More often than not people will try to get several days worth of work for such prices, or simply inquire for my prices based on a project they have, then they go for someone who actually puts up a gig for 5 bucks and then fails to deliver at the quality required.