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This is just unbelievable

I just received an email that one order I delivered successfully 1 month ago was canceled, the email said I missed the date this is just wow! I delivered way ahead of time, he left a 5 star review and even left a tip.

This just angers me so much! I’m just trying to do everything right, now I have a negative balance on the account and my order completion rate just dropped I just don’t understand why they gave him a refund if I did the work and I delivered the work on time! I’m just speechless now.

I already contacted Fiverr support to see what I can solve. Just sharing this horrible experience.



That’s horrible, I am so sorry to hear that.

If this is exactly what the email says, it probably isn’t a chargeback. Hopefully, it is just a misunderstanding on Fiverr’s end and that it will be sorted out soon.

I hope that you attached all the relevant screenshots/proofs of on-time submission and buyer’s review & tip along with your ticket to CS. Please keep us posted.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers: :pray:

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And I quote “Unfortunately, (name of the user) has canceled your order (Order number), “Do audio transcription and video transcription,” since you missed your delivery due date of Sep 10, 2018”

Then I received another email saying "Your order with (name of user) was canceled due to dispute initiated by the buyer and/or their issuing bank.

The funds for this order were automatically returned to the buyer"

I have no idea if he had issues with the bank or I don’t know but I hope I can get this fixed.

And how can you cancel an order that was already completed? like I don’t find any sense in this issue, sorry I just needed to get this out of my chest.


Check to see if their account is still active. If it’s no longer available then there’s a good chance it was a charge back and Fiverr banned it. In this case there is not much you can do. I once had it done to me earlier in the year, the best Fiverr could do was give me a credit to use on the site.

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Oh wow, indeed I can’t find the account so it probably is banned but the order was kinda big (at least for me) and a credit to use on the site will be useless for me. Thanks for that info, it was really helpful.

The reason I did not suspect it to be a chargeback was cuz of Fiverr’s message which supposedly says that the order was cancelled due to a late delivery (which doesn’t sound anything like an order cancellation due to a chargeback). If it was a chargeback, why would Fiverr make this story up about delivering the order late? That’s just… ridiculous.

However, the fact that the buyer’s profile is gone is a good sign. I hope Fiverr will be able to refund the order amount back to you. Good luck!

It’s a chargeback and I faced same situation and same mail that I missed date. I checked buyer’s profile and his account is no longer available.

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And did you received the refund? or you got credits instead too?

No I didn’t received anything. Buyer opened dispute through paypal and get his money back. In this case there is nothing to do, Fiverr just ban them

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Oh well, thanks for letting me know, I will post here the resolution of the dispute. Thanks to everyone for the help.

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Well, after talking to CS, no refund or credit will be given, and my cancelation rate will remain affected thanks to that. So unfair and I feel discouraged now.

@gabrielavila96 This is a terrible situation. It happened to me, too.

FIRST - Allow yourself to be temporarily discouraged and then brush it off.

SECOND - If you ask CS and they allow you to - as in you formally receive their written permission - you may contact the Buyer outside of Fiverr to get payment.

I had created a $50 custom audio for someone, who not only left a 5 star rating but also a $25 tip because he loved what I created. Three months go by and I suddenly received a Cancellation notice and the payment and tip was taken out of my earnings. I was triggered! After receiving the formal written approval from CS I contacted the Buyer since it was audio for his business. I ended up receiving payment. Please, I hate to sound like a broken record – but you must get Fiverr’s written approval to contact a former Buyer outside of this platform because otherwise it is a violation of TOS. Okay? Good.

THIRD: Whatever happens, you are still a viable money maker! While the sting of this is still new today, it will hurt less tomorrow. Why it took so long for PayPal to react you will never know. That Buyer sounds like he was kicked from the platform because he/she was a fraud. None of this is a reflection upon you or your character. Know that you are a good person, and good things come to good people. I am holding space that you receive what you are due.

FOURTH: This has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but I just had something “unbelievable” happen to me. I share it with you for whatever it may be worth. On Valentine’s Day of this year, I provided a watermarked audition via message. Not abnormal. That’s the way a voice is cast for commercials. Last week a friend contacted me and said, “Hey, is that you on xyz commercial?” I’m like - what?! So I get the URL and sure enough - it’s my voice on the commercial! This Buyer had to go to all the trouble to scrub my audition audio to cobble together the ad. Wow! I’ve never had anyone steal my voice audition before (well, that I know of). Anyhoo, I confronted this person and they paid me. I mean, what else could they do after being caught red handed?

SO - there you go, my friend. I hope that is helpful in some way. Or at least a short distraction. :grin:

I really do wish you the best of luck with this. And remember, this is just a small bump in the road. Good things come to good people. And karma takes care of the rest.

Be well!


Thanks for the words, Lisa.

I will try to follow all the steps you mentioned but first, yea I will take my time to let the frustration go away, I really appreciate you took the time to write all this.


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Happy to! We are all in this together. :raised_hands::facepunch:


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This seems very odd. Why would Fiverr agree to this when they would lose their commission and the service fee? I’ve never heard of them doing it before. I would be really interested to have more details on this since I’ve never seen it posted in the forum before.


I had a similar problem.

I had an order which I successfully delivered, but it wasn’t getting closed. I contacted CS to fix this but they keep me waiting 2 months.

In this time, due this bug, my gig passed from the top row of first page, to the last row on the last page of BEST SELLING.

To fix this,I HAD TO CANCEL a succeeded order, which in the end became 97 days delayed order.

Now it seems my gig is recovering placements, but I got 2 months impaired because CS was doing nothing.


@fonthaunt Good day! Yes, I was floored when it all happened, and had a mile long post here in the forum about it.

Fiverr agreed for me to pursue it, formally giving me written permission, because PayPal did not approve the transaction. Fiverr had already lost their commission and service fee.

Here’s the Fiverr CS message giving me written approval that I could contact the former Buyer outside of the platform to pursue payment since they were no longer active on Fiverr.

I’m happy to answer any other questions you may have. Have a great day!


That is so unfortunate! I’ve had a technical glitch somewhat like this, too.

It also was an order which I successfully delivered, and wouldn’t complete even though it was “delivered”. I contacted CS and they could not fix it either. They ended up canceling it and unfairly I was also dropped in search results.

I’m sorry to learn that as a result your placement was negatively impacted for so long.

In my opinion, the Cancellation Process is the worst functional process – worse than the blind rating system. I’ve never, NEVER had an order cancelled because of a poor product. Every single order cancellation I’ve had is due to the Buyer (1) not reading the short description of what I offer and how to price the order or (2) Top Buyers with a crown next to their name bullying me by threatening cancellation if I don’t provide something for free. Buyers know that a cancellation severely impacts the Seller, and the seller will do almost anything to save the order somehow.

So now, if a crowned buyer threatens me if I don’t succumb to their threat – I report them to CS. It is so unfair that a Seller is detrimentally affected because of an evil buyer. Of course, this will continue to occur until the cancellation process is amended. I hold hope that one day there will be an option where we can cancel an order using a " Buyer Misunderstanding " that does not detrimentally affect the seller when the cancellation has nothing to do with the seller. I hope. :pray:t3:

Cheers to your growing success! :blush:


Yes…, i agree…,
Fiverr should think a way for this problem…,
There are some case buyer open a dispute on 5 star review…, 3 month after delivery.
This is ridiculous…,
I just feel that there are no protection for seller…,


Yes it’s quite a stressful situation when you get a scamming buyer. It can wreck your analytics.

Too many buyers now know they can get away with getting free work.

It’s been a very long time since any buyer tried to scam me.

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