This is just unfair


I started with my gig about a week ago. I have received about 10 orders til now, and all customers are satisfied with my work (though i had bad luck and only 4 of them have voted positive, the others didnt use the rating tool).

Anyways, one of those 10 was the worst buyer you can find on fiverr. He ordered me a work but didn’t provide anything about how he wanted it, so i just had to use my creativity. I sent him my work about 2 days before gig end as a sample or prototype, so he could tell me if he liked or not. Days passed and no answer received. I had to mark gig as delivered before the gig ended.

Now he came and didnt like it. He gave me a negative. And now:

“You cant add extras to your gig because of your low rating”. All positive and 1 negative of a terrible buyer.

This is just annoying, and unfair.


Firstly, remove the swear words because the sheriff does not like negative language on the forum.

Secondly, the only thing that can really be suggested is that you contact customer service regarding your case. Provide screenshots, show that the customer did not reply or give you any instructions; and if you’re lucky they MIGHT remove it.


Im sorry i just wrote it with some exasperation, i didnt really want to use those words.

Of course they wont remove it, but this “ratio” is annoying if you have bad luck at the beginning of your gig.


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The most effective way is to communicate with the buyer from the beginning.When there is an issue or confusion contact the buyer and let him or her know the thing he or she has to do.

Don’t be late to send the first respond for the order.You can take time as you want after that but always try to deliver atleast 2-3 hours before the dead line.For regular buyers you must deliver as soon as possible.You have to keep them coming and satisfied with your service or they will find some other seller.

When the buyer is not responding with the required information even when you have put messages to get them…then there is nothing to worry.Explain the seller why you had to mark the gig as delivered.Let the seller know that though it is marked delivered you can continue the business till the ordered thing is well done.

With difficult customers you will have to have many discussions…Sometimes some sellers get so difficult.They try to push you.

But If you know that you are pushed in a way that it should not be…then report the seller to fiverr and get the issue fixed. :slight_smile:

Try mutual cancellation option as the best way before contacting the CS :slight_smile:

Good Luck !!


My advice for you is to be always in touch on CS since they are the only one can help you. They will help & understand if your reasons are reasonable. They had been great to be ever since i am starting…

Everything’s gonna be fine. :slight_smile:


Reply to @mighty_dil:


I do always all the things you have told me. I delivered the first model not as “Delivered”, just addind the file. He didnt answered. I asked him some doubt i had about his gig, he didnt answered. I had to post it again as delivered and i explained him why and i said to him i would do more work if he didnt like it.

But he just logged in to give me a negative and complain about it, but no helping the buyer in any ways to get what he wants.


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