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This is just...WOW

Hey there,
this is still an ongoing story, but it just baffled me, how brazenly some peole are.
So here´s the situation:
I got contacted by a former buyer (I will refer to him as Mr.X), he says, that he has an e-Book that needs to be recorded.
That´s fine with me, we talk about the price and come to a conclusion.
He then said, that I´m going to be contacted by another guy, to whom I should send the costum offer.
It seems kinda strange to me, but I don´t think further about it and send the offer.

Now, a few days after I delivered, Mr.X contacted me regarding the book.
I should mention that Mr.X does not speak german, nor does he live in a german-speaking country, which makes it even stranger, that he had a german e-Book that needs to be recorded.
He told me that the company he works with wanted him to forward me a message.

So, basically, the author of the book (Further called Ms.Z) is not okay with my audio, she wants the whole book in a slower speed.

You might understand that this made me a bit sad, since I tried very hard and delivered a high-quality audiobook, so I ask Mr.X, if the company provided him with any solution regarding the problem.
As you might expect-No.
But to be fair, he´s going to contact them to figure something out.

But now comes the “funny” part
So I looked Ms.Z up on facebook, since she´s pretty active there.
I scrolled down and what is that?
A video of her, sitting in a room with an awful lot of echo and a microphone on her desk.
In the beginning, you see her talking into it, seemingly reading something/recording.


I´m honestly so baffled and mad right now.
How dare she even wants to take credit for work she hasn´t even done?
Also, it might be worth mentioning that she especially wants women to be empowered and strong.
This just seems extemely unfair to me.
I delivered a voice over with minmal instructions, so I did it the way I deemed fitting.
My order requirements
"Your desired style of narration :slight_smile:
If you don´t add a style, I will choose the one I think is the most fitting.
If we already talked about your desired tone and style, you don´t have to give me an answer.“
Answer of the buyer
"Thank you!!”

I´m really sorry for this long post, but I just needed to get it out there.
Have you had similar situations?
How would you deal with the situation?

Thank you for reading!



Your situation must be really hard and I understand how you feel about Ms. Z. I was in same situation before back when I was still working in the corporate. I do all the research, analysis and strategy formulation and then someone who is higher than me took credit of my work. The sad part is when things don’t run smoothly all the blame comes to me. So to cut the long story short I resigned and here I am now working as a freelancer.

We cannot avoid those situations most especially that we are working online but always remember that even if they take credit of our work one day people will find out that it was not really their work. Now that you have let it out you can move on and focus. Just continue to give your best.

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Yes it’s misleading of her. If you want/need to be credited for it you could put that in the gig description if it isn’t. You could also mention it to the buyer. Though I’d check the terms and conditions. I assume it would definitely be okay if the wording was already in the gig description. You could cancel if the requirements are different than stated.

If you wanted to go ahead but not-record, could you slow it down without altering the pitch and with it still sounding natural? If so, maybe that would be a quicker way.

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Thank you for the suggestion, I´ve tried to slow it down, but it doesn´t sound natural.
The order is already completed, so I can´t really do anything besides waiting :no_mouth:

I can’t actually see a problem - your buyer has requested a modification and you’re happy to do it (I think).

In terms of somebody else claiming your work - once it’s paid for, it’s not really yours any more, so the buyer, or their buyer possibly, can do whatever they like with it, unless you’ve stated otherwise in your gig?

From the terms of service:
Ownership and limitations: Unless clearly stated otherwise on the seller’s Gig page/description, when the work is delivered, and subject to payment, the buyer is granted all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyrights for the work delivered from the seller, and the seller waives any and all moral rights therein.

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TOS states that a delivery can’t be canceled on grounds of personal preference.

Mrs. Z has shot herself in the foot here by deciding on purpose not to work directly with a buyer. Moreover, my hunch is that this is because she wants to pay buttons for a service which she really wants lots of revisions on and tailored to very specific needs which she knows a buyer at a certain price point might not agree to.

In any case, your order is not with Mrs. Z. Your order is with Mr. X. If something crucial was not specified in the brief, Mr. X needs to pay for a subsequent revision.

I occasionally have clients who aren’t native English speakers and don’t provide crucial information in their brief. i.e. “we want an article about how booming real estate is in New York,” followed by a revision request because their client, “New York Amazing Real Estate Solutions is annoyed that I haven’t mentioned once their incredible home financing services targeted at people with poor credit.”

Don’t stand for this. Demand the client coughs up for a revision and state explicitly that you need direct instructions from the end buyer stating exactly what they want fixing.