This is literally the month of (Client) request a change to your order


Sellers! This month has literally been the month of the dumbest client’s ever in my history of Fiverr. Like ever since December not one single order i got is marked as completed. They all keep asking for revisions for their own mistakes. Makes me want to take off “unlimited revisions” from all of m gigs. It pisses me off. I just wanted to fix my On-Time Delivery stats but few of the clients aren’t even accepting my “Extend Delivery Time” request.


You should probably do that anyway. As many of us veterans have been telling sellers over, and over again, unlimited revisions open the door for buyers to take advantage of you. And you, alas, are seeing those very consequences come true.

You chose to promise unlimited revisions, and now, buyers are taking advantage of you – and you have to keep revising as long as they ask… because those are the terms YOU established.

I really don’t want to say it… but we said this would happen. And, well… it did.


I offer unlimited revisions only to keep myself from bad reviews. Like i’d rather do your job right than not revise the delivery and get a bad review. makes sense?


you can offer more revisions for a price. this prevents you from being given the runaround by buyers.


Nope, doesn’t make sense.

I don’t want unlimited revision. I want sellers that asks all the right questions so that they will get it right the 1st time. For me, requesting revisions are frustrating and time consuming.

I have never ordered based on # of revisions.


Why would you offer that in the first place? I offer zero revisions unless I make an obvious mistake. Every time I get a revision request, I hear the cash register ring. Don’t work for free, and don’t redo work for free.


I too charge for any revision after the first one. But @newsmike I have never heard the cash register ring? :money_mouth_face:


It’s better than hearing voices.:rofl: