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This is may sound ridiculous but I do need an advice in hiring someone


I am just pretty new on this platform and looking forward to hire someone who can do some empath healing such as telepathy and astral projection.

I posted my request and I saw some who has great reviews but what I noticed from top-rated sellers, it seems like every day, someone is giving them reviews. I was quite skeptical and thinking that these persons whom I contacted and bid on my request. I just want to get some tips from people here and I also saw some member discussing about the scheme that sellers have been doing, like they buy each other’s services in exchange of reviews and appearing that they really do the job.

My concerns are, how can I get sure that the person whom I am considering will not scam me? If ever that it didn’t happen, can I immediately get a refund? Does anyone here tried getting services from these empaths and really get what they wished for? I know this sounds ridiculous but I need it for someone and this is the last option that we are looking forward to.

Looking forward to your advices

Question: For those who are Empath healers

Contact them, and ask them questions. You’ll get a feel for the seller, and have a better idea whether that seller is genuine and has the skills you need.


Hello, an empath is someone who is able to feel the emotions or even physical sensations sometimes of other people or animals. They are not necessarily healers.

I’m a top rated seller and I don’t trade reviews with other sellers. I get at least one review almost every day because I stay busy with people placing orders.

If you are afraid of being scammed, you can try some inexpensive $5 gigs to see what happens.

Some sellers might give you a refund but most won’t if they are genuine. I’m not sure what service you are asking about but many take some times before anything happens. Ask each seller if they will give you an immediate refund before you place an order. If the order is delivered on time you are not entitled to a refund, according to the terms of service.

You should not buy ANY gig of any kind thinking you will ask for an immediate refund. This is considered scamming, as if you want to get something free and most good sellers will not do it. You are never entitled to a refund unless there was no delivery at all.


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Thank you. Actually, I have been asking them questions and they all seems legit but I just find it (on my end) suspicious like they have daily reviews but misscrystal explained it now. Thank you for giving a tip


You’re welcome. …