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This is my 4th day active here in Fiverr but still cant fish a buyers

Is that normal? I am doing my best but I am affected to the fact that I have great gigs but no one is biting or trying it nor buying.

I tried GT for reviews but I am still not convince because it still charge a cent.

I am very talented and skilled one that I a have fb Fanpage with 3k likes, youtube with 300+ subscribers and deviant which I just deactivated because of creating again some my business related account because of how much I like the process of Fiverr.

So yea, I wanna earn buyers but it seems I am soon to give up? I even provide a promo for my gig in my facebook for my fiverr profile but it just freezes there.

Therefore, I want listen to good advice for newbies how to have a buyer? I want to take this disappointment and need to know if its normal for have no buyers for a week as a starter. :frowning:

What you describe is beyond normal. It is very, very common for new sellers to need weeks to get the first sales. No matter how talented you are or how good your gigs are, it can take a fair amount of time. It varies. Some people get a sale in a week, some in a month and some longer.

Watch buyer requests for opportunities, post ads once a week in My Fiverr Gigs and keep up a little social media promotion. It’s way too soon to give up.

I see. now I know. Maybe I’ll give it more time I guess. sometimes it gets a month so I might wait for a month for my first buyer. Hopefully, it will be in good reviews as well. :D.

maybe I’ll boost my fiver link on my fb. Maybe it’ll work that way. The price here is cheap for only 5$ yet its hard to receive buyers but when I price my work like 20$ before. I find some buyers recently. :confused: