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This is my gig as a new seller, need suggestions for improvement

I need suggestion from you guys because I have sent some buyer requests but still order less

Hi there!

Nice gig you got there! If I would recommend any improvements I think it would be on the video in the beginning.
It has a lot of slides with a lot of text that you cant really read.

It could be a fun idea to create a video with powerpoint slides promoting your gig or something? That way I, as an audience, know you’re talking to me instead of showing me lot’s of text.

The quality of your portfolio items doesn’t seem to match, maybe you can update them with fresh portfolio items?

You could also improve the “about this gig” section by making it a bit easier to read. The text is good, but you could improve it by adding Titles, paragraphs and by removing anything that is written in caps lock.



Maybe update the video. The timing is too quick to read the text. If the text on the slides isn’t important, maybe have some text or maybe a voice-over that is important and tells the viewer about your gig. Basically does the video, and the timing of it, tell the buyer (clearly) what they need to know to order your gig? Fiverr’s preview image of the video crops part of the word “Success” too.

Maybe people would want to know if the timing of their powerpoint presentations would be correct, and I’m not sure the video tells them that.

The text “Are you looking for Professionally PowerPoint Presentations” could be reworded, either to “professionally-made PowerPoint presentations” or “professional PowerPoint presentations”.

You could add a space after commas.

Sometimes your gig description says “I/my” and other times “We”.

Maybe add a .mp4 video format as an option.


Thanks a lot, Your suggestions are really worthy

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Thanks a lot for your precious time and advice

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