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This is my new gig,how can inprove?

well come to my Gig <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I am an expert at text intro creation. I have professional training in video intro create. all audiences are real & organic 100% guaranteed. if you need this kind of intro video then tell me.

“Talk before ordering then order.”

Why choose my services?

  • High-quality videos.
  • 24 Hours delivery
  • Full service
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed
  • Commercial Use

How does this gig work?

  • Go to gallery
  • Choose which you like
  • Order gig and say me the number of intros which you want
  • You can choose the color, text, music, and logo.

Thank you for trusting in my services!

gig link:


Nice one, hope get order soon

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It says “well come to my Gig” - welcome is one word.
It says “all audiences are real & organic 100% guaranteed.” - but the gig is for the creation of a video/videos so that seems irrelevant for this gig (it seems like that line has been copied from another of your gigs).