This is new. Milestone deliveries


I was preparing a custom offer and noticed the following:



Yeah It’s been around for a few months now well for me anyway!


Interesting, just popped up for me today. Have you used it?


Where about do you see that Mike?

Just stalked your profile - congrats my dear, have a pint on me tonight!


Clicked on create offer:

Then the next screen shows that first screenshot up above.

Also, Thank You!!!


Just today I saw it still said “beta” in the Seller Help Center. The ToS have it in though but don´t mention beta. I still haven´t got it. That said and reading Eoin´s post, the ToS also say TRS “gain access to more extensive features than previous levels, including exclusive access to beta features and VIP support.” Congrats!


What are the gig categories your services on?


Still don’t have it - grrr. Would be so good for me. I have clients trying to agree 3 and 6 month plans and it is such a pain trying to balance out the “dont spam” with “lets move on to the next month” every single month. I have 4 clients with agreements like that but I have to rely on them to come back and ask for the next step. Im sure I could get away with messaging them but with all the changes, I just dont wanna take a chance


Voiceover 20 characters


Any chance you could ask to be in the beta test?


I did when I first heard about it…
Well, I didnt ask, I begged


Clearly discrimination against the Irish.


Is it only available to TRS?


I just saw it now. I think it is a great feature.

I have some questions though. I’m reading more about it


I asked CS not too long ago as well, because a Customer who heard about it from another seller, had asked me to use it, but, yeah, they said unfortunately they can´t “switch it on” for me.

No, not only to TRS, but your chances probably are higher for beta features, according to what the ToS say.


We are used to it.
Probably think we couldnt handle it. Milestone sounds too like fairycircle or leprechaun-path so they are worried we would make up some mythical creature to go along with it - to be sure, to be sure.


Hey, I can handle fairy-circles just fine! :fairy:


Our fairy circles are beta than yours


I have never heard of them till just now. It seems magically delicious. (Someone had to say it.)

Mushroom risotto anyone?


Dangerous thing to do Mike, even for a fun-gi like you