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This is no fair i don't have any order yet


this is not good i can’t get any order yet :frowning: I have skills but no one give me a chance to proof it :frowning:


You’d think that if you’re good enough to have designed logos for McDonalds, Bass, Samsung, Beats etc. somebody would give you a chance for just $5 wouldn’t you? :wink:

Unless you did actually design those logos, please use examples of your own, otherwise you’ll get into trouble for using other companies’ logos.


Life is not fair, especially Fiverr.


Considering the logo examples you are offering I consider it very fair that nobody has bought anything from you. Buyers are not stupid!


Well, it may also not help - along with everyone else’s thoughts here - that you’re copying other Fiverr sellers’ descriptions. I wouldn’t hire you alone on that issue.


Oooooooooooooh snap!


What do you think, how many copyright flags you’ve received by now?
And how many it will take before your account is banned?


Hi,I think u got the answer.


Work on improving your skills first. Atleast you are able to design your own Gig image.


Maybe you are too tense, try to relax and enjoy the fresh air out there. :camping:


I approve your advice! :sunglasses:

Nothing better than fresh air and relaxation to get inspired in writing his own gig description and showcase his own logo designs! :wink: