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Take Note FIVERR

When a seller is late, it is up to the BUYER to cancel and NOT you Fiverr or the SELLER. But no, the buyer comes second, we have to wait another 24 hours, for the seller to pull their head out of their ass and then to tuen around and say, aww sorry about that… MONEY MONEY MONEY, This is all that Fiverr is wanting and all the seller see’s is MONEY MONEY MONEY - It doesn’t matter if they can do the job on time, the buyer has to wait. WAITING WAITING WAITING, WHAT IS YOUR TIME WORTH FIVERRRRRRRRRR??? - This is BS.


@splatts I hear your frustration. But try to see it as supply and demand. You are getting work done for 1/100th of the amount you would pay at a professional company. Everyone wants that good deal. That’s why your better sellers are always overbooked. That’s why they have a hard time fulfilling orders on time. Their only alternative is to go on vacation and catch up, or deliver orders early to stop the clock and then follow up with the finished work later. That is against the Terms of Service. So, please understand that we sellers make our living here. If we mess up our rating, and fall out of order status, then our income dries up. So, it is a fine line we walk. If you want faster service, you are welcome to get out your yellow pages and find a local business that will be happy to charge you $500 for the $5 job you just got on Fiverr. Thank you.


Fiverr loses money when they cancel an order, so believe me, they’re not doing it to make money, they’re doing it to inspire consumer confidence so buyers keep coming to Fiverr.

Besides, sometimes orders get cancelled not because the seller is late, but because the buyer didn’t like what he got. Some sellers won’t even demand a modification but ask for a cancellation. Some sellers even wait sometime, and then ask customer service to cancel an order for them.

splatts said: Take Note FIVERR

Representatives of Fiverr rarely even look at the forum. You should direct your complaints to Customer Support.