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This is not fair to take advantage of your rights which Fiverr gives you

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I need to draw your attention to the very sensitive issue which I faced in the last few days on the Fiverr community forum, AS I posted my gig link to advertise as Fiverr allows it in the appropriate category and follow all rules to post, so why some member marked as flag! Sorry to say but it’s happening with lots of members Fiverr should also track that how members are using its rights.

This is not fair to take advantage of your rights which Fiverr gives you in the shape of the badges.


The forums are a separate platform. Fiverr does not give forum badges. Discourse gives forum badges.

I’m going to guess you replied with your gig, in someone else’s thread. If so, then it doesn’t matter if it’s in MFG or IMG, as the thread is not yours.


Hi! So my first thought from reading this is that whether or not we’re allowed to ‘advertise’ our gigs here, I wouldn’t expect to get any orders from posting your gig within this forum, because as @imagination7413 mentioned it’s a separate site from Fiverr (but obviously related to). Buyers don’t come here to find gigs. If they need a particular service they will just go to Fiverr.

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@sabinespoems we are allowed to post our gigs in "My Fiverr Gigs - Fiverr Community Forum and Improve My Gig - Fiverr Community Forum but my concern isn’t about the gig my point is that why post members flag inappropriately or spam when that is all accurately posted by following the rules,

Because Poster can’t be known that who flagged his or her post, my concern is that every member has the right to say and post with fulfilling the rules.

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If you’re sure you placed your gig under the right thread (i.e. my fiverr gigs), created your own thread and followed these rules, then perhaps the person who flagged did so wrongfully by mistake. If that’s the case, it will become evident you did nothing wrong. I believe a post that’s being flagged will first be reviewed before there’s any action taken. So if you didn’t make a mistake, this will be cleared up. However if you did post it somewhere where it doesn’t belong or didn’t post it correctly, then it will be deleted.


Unfortunately, there are people on this platform who are uninformed about the categories. I have heard of this happening. Fiverr has this category for anyone who wants to advertise a gig. Some people feel that it is wrong to advertise your gigs here, they are misinformed.