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This is not FAIR :(

So I Woke up And Logged to my fiverr account and I saw that I have a Negative $-72, and I had $28 in my fiverr account!
And i went to my earnings page and saw that one of my buyers who Marked the Order as COMPLETE and left a 5 Star review 2 month ago, as NOW Cancelled the same order that He marked as complete and The amount of $100 as been REFUNDED to HIM!!
CAN Someone please explain to me??

And I tried contacting Fiverr Customer support and they said that’s is not in their Hands???
How come?? there should be security and protection over such cases!

UPDATE: Problem solved got refunded!


No, it’s not fair, but it’s a PayPal chargeback.

Have a look through the forum where it’s been discussed several times before.

I’m sorry this has happened to you. :slightly_frowning_face:


Thanks for your fast reply!

Do you have a link to the topic discussed on the forum???

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Here’s one that covers a lot:


Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

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You are correct. It isn’t fair and buyers who do that are really nasty people.

You may not be able to get your money back but you can warn others. Can you modify the buyer’s review? If so, I say change it – “Work completed, buyer did chargeback.” Its not slander if it’s true.

Is this person’s profile still available on 5r?


The person is not on fiverr anymore!
it says: “The user may not be contacted at this time!”

Fiverr should do something that when the buyer marks the order as complete they should not do cancel the order again!

This is so not fair and i have to pay back an amount for a work that i completed!


Completely agree. My heart sinks everytime a seller post they lost money from chargeback. Let’s call a :pig: a :pig2: – chargeback equates to theft, pure and simple. I’m really sorry this happened to you. :frowning:

OTOH, I just checked your gigs and


You have amazing dance moves!

I have no doubt you will do EXTREMELY well!! :slight_smile:


This happens to me and I contacted the CS again and again they reversed my money into my account.


Thank you so much Gina!

how often were you contacting them over and over again??

Really so sad.
Fiverr should change the system. And they should provide equal power here.


It is sad, but it’s nothing to do with buyer/seller equality.

PayPal provides a merchant service, and so Fiverr, as their client has to play by their rules. If the buyer chooses to make a chargeback, it’s nothing to do with Fiverr, it’s a buyer/PayPal matter.

That’s why the OP’s buyer is no longer on Fiverr - they immediately close the accounts of anybody who does a chargeback, although there have been exceptions.


i agree with you this can not happen with other sellers it’s so unfair :frowning:

But don’t you think that there should be a security protection that after the Buyer marks the Order as complete and leaves a positive feedback, THERE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CANCEL THE ORDER or DO A CHARGEBACK???


But after receiving work it should not right process.
If any buyer receives the delivery or auto mark seller’s delivery then the seller must have right to earn that amount. Its not acceptable in this updated time and system.

I’ve had it happen to me a couple times and the buyers were banned. I know Fiverr doesn’t like it either, but I find it frustrating that they do not notify us when it happens (we just have to realize it on our own when we do our accounting). It’s not a “big” deal if it’s just a $5 or $10 order, but usually this happens with larger orders.

It makes we wonder what sort of measures are in place to stop the buyer from simply re-joining. Perhaps Fiverr bans their IP address, which they could use a VPN to disguise. Or, maybe they block the buyer’s PayPal email (but a PayPal account can have multiple emails associated with it).

Fiverr cannot do anything to stop it. Once the buyer places an order on Fiverr, they go to PayPal (the site they used to pay for the order) and ask for a refund.


Sorry @sydneymorgan - run out of hearts! :purple_heart:

@alcymedia and @snzida - nothing I can do about it - I’m just describing what happens, and why it happens. :slightly_frowning_face:


You never got your money back?

That mean A Buyer can receive their task without any amount because of this poor system. And seller will always be punished without doing any fault.

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