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This is not to brag, but I want to share my experience with you

Hello guys! Please, don’t see this post as me bragging. I just want this to give an encouragement and an inspiration to other sellers…

I’ve been a member since September 2020 and today, November 15 2020, I have been promoted to Level One Seller :pleading_face: I had never imagined I would actually start to sell and earn money here. I have not earned so much, my gig’s prices are very low, but it’s still an extra income and I’m so thankful for this…

Now, I know by reading many topics here on Fiverr that Level One in Fiverr is very hard and sometimes sellers don’t get any order for a looooong period of time, their impressions and clicks go down, ecc… But I want to try my best and I would appreciate it if some of you would leave tips/suggestions on how to overcome the difficulties a Level One Seller has to face.

Anyway, I also want to thank all the topics here on Fiverr that helped me and from which I’ve learned a lot! I wish all the best to all the sellers here on Fiverr. Let’s help each other and make this platform a better place for everyone! :heartpulse:


Have you read this yet?

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Hello!! Yes, I’ve read that a week ago. In fact, it scared me a bit, but also inspired me to not give up. Thank you for sharing it to me again!

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This is a good achievement.
Even I myself, after a long time just 2 days before the evaluation which was just on 13th of November, I had my first cancellation. But still I’m proud to have achieved level one today too. It feels so good and one of the amazing thing I found was visiting the buyers requests section and saw 400+ active requests waiting for offers. Which before the highest active requests I see are 20+ or less than that.
It’s a great achievement for me. Good luck and wish you achieve level two sellers soon.

So true! I too have checked the buyer requests and found 200+ requests! While I used to see only 20-30 requests before. Congratulations you too! Now, the struggle is real… We need to be able to maintain this level and I heard from other people’s experiences that you either maintain in and get stuck here, or eventually go back to No Level. Road to Level2 is hard but we don’t give up, right?
All the best for you!

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Thank you! We’ll try maintaining the level till we reach the next level (Level 2 sellers). We have struggles to go through. But we’ll eventually make it. All the best.