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This is probably what'll happen if you sell your services too cheap

You’ll get a buyer that doesn’t value you, your time or your work. They won’t even know what they want, they’ll just keep changing their order.

Even if you deliver a product they want which is hard to do with how vaguely they communicate, they will ask for extras not mentioned at the beginning that you can’t give them then they’ll demand you lower the already insanely low price to half.

Following this, they won’t understand that you can’t just change the price mid order so you’ll contact customer support for help. They’ll tell you to 1) explain yourself to the buyer to force the sale and accept a most likely negative review or 2) cancel the order and make a new one for half the price.

You’ll take the second option after spending way too long on the gig because at least then you can earn $5 and because you’re a new seller it’s the best option to avoid losing all future opportunities on Fiverr.

The buyer won’t get it and be confused or at least feign confusion, most likely they’ve just stolen your work. After all this you get the pleasure of sitting around waiting for customer service to cancel the order and lower your completion rate and ranking. I mean hypothetically, it probably won’t happen to anyone.

On an unrelated note here’s 3 pieces of orphaned music that anyone can have for free to use for whatever purpose they like:


They all communicate vaguely. It’s so true!

Great post. When you under charge you not only lose out on a better profit, but you have extra work with problematic buyers, which means you earn even less per hour. It’s just not worth it.


The real truth! But with time we have to learn how to tackle these situation.

I never work with buyers who I think can create problems and we can avoide cancelltion if we always work as per our choice and don’t change price or other things on buyers demands.

I had 8 cancel orders at start in Fiverr for over a time of 6 months but today after like 1 and half year I have just total 10 cancel orders.


The worst part as a creative you can’t evaluate what you do factually because it’s subjective, so it just perks up that little negative voice in the back of your head telling you you’re not good enough as well.