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This is Puerto Rico USA-- 3.5 MILLION Americans with no water, food or electricity, communications, no help in sight

I feel so bad about Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. Our response is lacking and the island is destroyed as if a huge bomb went off. I don’t know if others in the world are aware of what is happening there… no water, food, gas, hospitals, roads not passable anywhere on the island, no way to leave for most people…

There are thousands of shipping containers containing supplies sitting not moving since no one can deliver them or figure out what to do with them, no trucks, gas, drivers or passable roads…


Fiverr made a blog posting about submitting ideas on ways to help during nature disasters during the Irma situation. Unfortunately the post didn’t go any further than the blog and the social media channels; no pins to the main page nor forum.

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The tragedy is that our military could be dropping pallets of food and water at treetop level to the stranded neighborhoods but it’s not happening.