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This is quite embarrassing.. Blind Review

Hey guys,

A new customer buys my basic gig $5 with 24 hours turn out. A few hours later he askes me ‘When will you complete as the gig said it’s 24 hours’ … I delivered my order within less than 24 hours and then he leaves this review:

I normally get 5 stars and this was my first Blind Review… I guess I just got bad luck?

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Oh no, so it’s already happening right now? :frowning:
And now I’m afraid of getting reviews…


This is a perfect example of one of the countless reasons blind reviewing is unbelievably stupid for Fiverr.

I cannot believe this new system actually happened, let alone lasted longer than a day after all of the immediate backlash. This is such a pointless, horrible, inconsiderate change that solves absolutely nothing. I can’t wrap my head around how this actually made it past the idea stage - it literally does nothing but make closing orders impersonal, awkward, and anxiety-ridden.


i wouldn’t say 3.7 is lucky at all :confused: that’s definitely going to deter some potential clients…

Not to mention, even worse that the guy buys your gig then makes suggestions on how you could price it better lol

The point of review blackmail seems to be to get sellers to rate buyers. But, I think it actually gives sellers more reasons not to rate buyers. There is no upside for us. You either end up looking foolish or you get lucky. You are not able to reply to a negative review to at least present your side of the story.

The only way this new policy goes away is if sellers stop reviewing buyers altogether.


Been out of the loop but how does it work? If I don’t leave a review for a client, his review won’t show up on my profile?

Ya, absolutely no upside in rating the buyers - i either give a review hoping i get something similar in return, or i leave an honest review and the buyer never returns for more business.

I have to say, a 5 star review previously to buyers was more of a common courtesy- especially in my genre, aside from them giving me what i need at the beginning of a project they dont do much else except ask for revisions, i guess some speak to me nicer than others but im not exactly sure how to “review” that fairly? If the guy takes long to respond should i give him a 4 star review ? Really?.. or should i give him a 5 star review and hope i dont get a 3 back in return making myself look like the fool lol - It just seems like us sellers will be in a bit of a jam with this one

It still shows up no matter what from what i understand. There is no way to avoid receiving a review, if the buyer leaves one - it shows up.

Yeah what he said didn’t even make sense based on what I offer on my gig page. I even gave him more than what I advertised.

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Ya i do my best to over submit and i go above and beyond with the friendly communication, that “client is always right attitude” - simply because im scared of reviews lol