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This is really frustrating @Fiverr


Hello Fellow Doers,
I had 94% completion rate but one stupid buyer cancelled order after 1 month by Fiverr Customer Service. This is really injustice to seller here , how can a person cancel order after 14 days security period, This make no sense.

Now my completion rate 89% , what should i do ? How many orders do i need to complete to hit 90% already completed 7 orders after that cancellation.

Will Fiverr Team demote me 89% and my all standards are 100% :frowning:Capture


If you don’t meet all the requirements, then you may be demoted. You’d have to ask Customer Support for any detail beyond that, staff does not generally post on the forum.


I suggest you contact fiverr support maybe they can help you this case because you have no fault here. Maybe buyer done paypal dispute that’s why they cancel your order.