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This is really hard. Is there something wrong with my gig?

I joined Fiverr 3 days ago and I got ~50 clicks on one of my gigs, specifically this one, but no message or order yet. Is this normal?

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Lol be patient, there are many people that joined fiverr few months ago and still don’t get any order. You will probably get your first in few days or weeks.

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Well yeah, I guess I could just wait, but in the meantime I still have to do buyer requests and stuff or else my gig won’t rank, and it seems like a lot of work just to get one order…

Yes you need to think about Fiverr as a business not job. Think about it as investing also. At beggining you will underprice yourself and work for pennies like everyone. But if you will handle this time, you will raise and earn more, more,more, more and more.

Same thing with clients. At beggining you will have maybe 1 client a month, then you will have 2 clients a week and then you will get new clients everyday. If you will of course deliver high quality service or product.

I started 48 days ago. My first orders oh man… I was working for 20-30 hours on a $5 order. Spending nights just to make my client satisfied and give me 5 star rating. Not because I wanted but because I needed to. I still don’t make decent salary from Fiverr but much more than when I was starting.

Most importantly be patient as right now you are planting seed that will grow in time.


Ok, makes sense… Thank you for your advice. How did you get your first orders? On buyer requests? Or did you just wait for orders to come themselves?

Some sellers take months to get their first order.

Check this out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!

My first order I got through buyer request after about 5-7 days of creating an account. Most importantly send every buyer request detailed and personalized, don’t use templates.

If you want to have a chance getting order through organic search you need to find niche that don’t needs any review to rank on first, second or third page. And there also needs to be demand for this niche.

Yes, I never used templates, I type every request manually, yet still no answer, but I read stories about sellers that had to make 200 buyer requests until they got their first orders, so I don’t think it’s uncommon.

I read the post before and I always read tips for sellers, I guess I’ll just keep trying.

Well we are both working in web development so I think you will not receive many buyer requests as I have maybe 10-20 buyer requests daily, 20-40 on some days and maybe 10% of them apply to services I offer.

Well maybe that’s not small amount but definitely not high as I heard about graphic designing, where you just have tons of buyer requests.

Yeah, most of the times I get no buyer requests, but sometimes, usually at noon or midnight, I get 20-30 buyer requests at a time, and even if I don’t offer exactly what the buyer asks for in the gig, I’ll usually still offer to do what the buyer asks for (if i can actually do it, of course)

If you think you can research how to do something and provide satisfying service then sure don’t worry to send an offer. I had some situations that buyer asked me for something I didn’t knew nothing about but after some research I was able to deliver and get 5.0 star rating. I learned much things about web development this way actually.

Just be careful with it as sometimes something looks like quick job but appears to be long hours of headaches :wink:

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Please see (CPM) point 3:

Thank you, this really doesn’t make sense because there’s no contact information or anything else in those links, but I guess I’ll remove them

I see you have an order in the queue. You are on your way! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I’m very happy :grinning:

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