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This is really hard

I am newbie and i have created gig and all. But i think getting order is hardwork and requires patience and real hustle too. What do you think?


Yeah, I feel your pain. I have no orders either, so the only thing that i can recomend is to go on the site, press the more options and then try your luck at the Buyer Request page

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Create gigs in less competitive areas. Use the keywords which has low competitions.

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yes mahn ,you are correct

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Thanks for the information

Any type of successful business requires hard work and patience.

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Hell yes. Nothing comes easy. Unless you have rich parents or if you get inheritance.

I spent almost a year building my business and a “brand”, shaping and changing it before I started getting steady stable income from it.
There is no magic pill where you register on a platform and all of a sudden you get flow of orders.
You have to convince buyers to buy from you. That’s 40% of a freelancer job.

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There’s a chance those people will eventually fall down because they haven’t learned proper work ethic. But yeah, the vast majority of them have it easy all their lives. Sigh…

We are not going to point a finger but some of them become presidents. :grin:

Well, it isn’t over yet, I guess. Only time can tell what will happen.