This is so much better than "Outstanding experience!"


Since Fiverr began making users actually type a message with their rating, I’ve been wondering if this would ever happen…


At least it’s positive! :smile:


Oh my goodness! I’m laughing too hard to figure out what to make of it.

That’s hilarious.

It goes to show 5r can’t force someone to write something. :rofl:


As a translator, I can tell you that this means:
You (Yuh) believe (bv) have (hv) helped (h) best (b) honor (h) - the last “h” is a typo and English is not their first language.

My only one similar to that was “…” which made me wonder if they were waiting for me to give them something else


Uhhhh…is that a code??

Well, like you said, it’s a 5 star so that’s great.

Sure is confusing though…I can’t figure it out…
and I’m embarrassed to call myself a translator!!


Hmm, now I know da man to hire whenever I need rubbish translated.:ok_hand:t4: :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve had someone just put ~~~~~~~~~ in lieu of actually writing anything. At least it’s a good review?