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This is so strange, don't you think?


Well, I have never encountered this type of a buyer so am just wondering what’s going on his head and why he did this. I delivered his order then 14 hours later he requested a revision with this message:

Thanks for sending it over . I will take a look and review it and let you know if there’s any changes or if we are done with the project.

I mean he hasn’t even looked at the document but he has already hit the revision button? I find this strange. What do you think guys?


Control freak by the sounds of it - wants you to feel as if changes will be asked for by them whether they’re actually needed or not. Wants to keep you in suspense and feel like they’re in control.


Hmmm… to be completely honest, that is pretty strange. Perhaps he is just paranoid/a perfectionist and he knows that he’s going to want something changed, even if the document is pretty much perfect. He also could be busy and he doesn’t want the order to close if he needs changes once he does get a chance to look at it.

He could even just have taken a quick look and noticed something he didn’t like, but he wanted to make sure when he had more time and take that time to make his own suggested revisions/edits. It could really be anything.


I agree. There are so many hypotheses involved. I just hope he’s not a difficult buyer. He did mention at the beginning of the order that he was referred to me by a friend so he expects me to do a great job. In the meantime, I have my fingers crossed.


The problem is the timer is counting. If he doesn’t:expressionless: come back in the next 12 hours I’ll resubmit the work and WAIT.


There’s another possibility: he wanted to tell you that, and he hit the revision button by mistake (very possible if he was using the app, some people complain that the only visible button is to request modification even though you just want to message your seller).


This. Also, you don’t even know how people in Europe (or anywhere in the world) don’t know what ‘Revision’ mean. They could be thinking it means ‘to answer back’, or something like that. ^^


That’s very true. Let me wait and see what he will say when he comes back.


You can wait for your buyer’s review and feedback. If you afraid to cross the deadline then don’t worry you can ask from your buyer to increase the time limit for new changes.


This was my first thought. :nerd_face:


I’ve had this happen before, I just redeliver the same files and them to only use the revision system if they need a revision. Its like a tactic to extend the time and not cool. I had one guy keep doing it, so eventually I contacted customer service and let them know what was happening and they auto completed the order for me, as this went on for about 5 days.


That is EXACTLY what my dodgy buyer was like!


He could be a reseller.


You can resend the delivery in response and tell him if he needs any changes to not use the revision button.


This isn’t strange. If there’s more than one decision maker, it’s very common for the group to look at the work and then provide feedback. Waiting 14-hours to get back to you is also common. Right now, it’s 11:34 PM in Miami, 11:34 AM in Taipei (Taiwan). If I deliver something and go to sleep, I won’t be able to get back to them for the next 8-9 hours, maybe longer.

Besides, every client has the right to accept the project or demand a revision.


I am not against providing clients with revisions. If anything, I want them to be completely satisfied so they can come back again. What I find strange is he asked for revision without looking over the document. It’s like he already knows he will have to request a revsion.


This is exactly what I did. I’m still waiting for him to come back. I’ll update how it goes.


Buyers have 3 days to review the final product. I think clicking Revision button without any review is a selfish action. When they click revision button, the time is going on and what will happen if buyer sends feedbacks near the deadline? How could seller have enough time to adjust?
I don’t mean that buyer don’t have the right to click revision button, they can. However, before clicking it, please review the product carefully and send out clear feedbacks. It’s good for both buyer and seller.


Speaking from experience, I would re-deliver the work to sign off the revision request with a message along the lines of, “No problem. I’ve just re-sent the work over as you seem to asked for a revision request by mistake. Please feel free to get back to me if you pick up on any issues, thanks.”

It’s a kind of passive-aggressive way of putting your foot down and taking the power back.


Most probably the buyer is just afraid that the order will be marked as completed and he won’t have time to check what you delivered during 3 days.

In such case I advise you to ask why he wants a revision and if you won’t get reply during 12-24 hours, you can redeliver the order.