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This is so strange, don't you think?


He didn’t ask for a revision. He simply communicated that he and his people needed time to look at the document and see if they needed a revision or not. This is pretty standard. Sometimes I deliver in 24 hours just to give my client extra time to demand revisions.

He didn’t click the revision button, he only said he needed more time.


Update: I am happy to report that the buyer came back 24 hours later, closed the order and gave me a glorious review. He didn’t even I asked for any revision to be made. I am glad I satisfied him and his team with the quality of my work.

Happy Selling!


Chances are this is a Fiverr seller who is buying from you and selling to someone else at a higher price. So he has to wait for his client to approve before he approves yours. I once had such a client before and after working on 2 orders from them, I politely requested them not to order again. Strangely, they still went ahead and ordered anyway - and on the wrong gig too! so I just cancelled it and they finally got the message.


I had the same thought too. But as long he’s willing to match my rates, I will continue to work with him. After all, we’re all here to make money, right?!