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This is so tragic alexa, play sad song by we the kings

Why is it that the only order I received dates back to the 19th century? I don’t mean to compare but sellers with poor grammar are out there doing proofreading/editing gigs while I am sipping tea and waiting for something or someone to knock on the door. This is tragic, alexa.

You could create another proofreading gig so you could proofread more types of document in case there are people who need proofreading but not for the types of document in your gig.

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Fiverr did not exist in the 19th Century. :wink:

Why are you just sitting there, waiting? You have every ability to go market and promote your gigs to the target customers who need your services. How do you expect your customers to find you, if you don’t show them where to look?

A lack of action is not tragic. It is unwise to blame other things for your lack of success, when you yourself are unwilling to take the action necessary to build your business.

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I will try that. Thanks.

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Lol you know I was going for a bit of sarcasm there.

I mean I am not just sitting here waiting idly. I promoted my gig on ‘my fiverr gigs,’ and also on my twitter. I don’t know what else I am supposed to do but I guess I will just look through the forum and try to find ways.

I am sorry. I am not blaming anyone but myself but I wanted to be lighthearted about it.

You saw my winking smiley, right? Here, I’ll do it again: :wink:

Clearly that isn’t working for you. Why would you keep promoting somewhere where your target customers are not located? Who are your customers, and where do you think you can find them? If you want sales, you’re going to have to reach out to those customers, not spam your links to your friends on Twitter.

And I am showing “tough love”, and encouraging you to change your thinking to something that will be more effective for you.


You, sir are an intellectual for already knowing how useless my twitter friends are :wink:

And thank you, you are a very experienced seller and I understand what you mean when you say I need to go and hunt instead of waiting around. I will take your suggestions to heart and put myself more out there.


Nah. I’m an intellectual because I went to college, and earned a degree. :wink:

Excellent. I’m glad to see your willingness to earn your success. Being in business is never easy, but the people that succeed, are the ones who work endlessly to achieve their goals. Good luck as you endeavor to do the same!