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This is something new


So yesterday I got the same old one word “Hello” message.
Oh great, here it comes again.
I reply saying something like "Do you have a question about my gig?"
The person replies saying "Nice to meet you."
It was typed in Japanese with poor grammar BTW.

OK…so you’re trying to get my attention by typing in my language?

Anyway I reply saying “Do you have a question about by gig? Also, do me a favor and type everything in one message rather than sending one line at a time, thank you”

She replies saying “I want to work in Japan, can you help me.”

Wow…I’ve had SO many “please order my gigs help me” messages, but this it the first time I get a “I want a JOB” message.

I offer gigs, not JOBS. I reply to her saying that, and her final message was “OK thank you.”

…strange…well, that was new.


I had one like that a while ago, but typed with bad English grammar, not German. :wink:


Everything can happen here. I get messages in my native language all the time saying rubbish things.


They are definitely out there. I get requests for a job when I post on people’s discussion sometimes.


I had a translation gig sometime back. This attracted a lot of people who thought I was doing free work. So one guy in particular messaged me saying “Hi I need your help, I got a job at a company but the boss speaks french. So I want to impress him by writing my CV in french.” I told the guy. Sure just purchase the gig according to your need. The guy never purchased anything he just started sending me a bunch of PDF files with his CV in English. I sat there and waited to see that notification of a new order. 2 hours later, he sent me a message asking if I had completed. I told him to order the service so that I can begin. Reply was “I don’t have a job, so you will have to wait until I get my first salary.” My response was “That’s great man, I also have to wait for your order so that I can start. Once you get your salary, complete the purchase so that I can translate the CV that might potentially be a break through to your next job.”


Isn’t working on fiverr just hilarious sometimes.


Oh heck yes, I get so many laughs…I can write a whole darn book about it!!!