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This is something that so much seller missed!

I am able to climb from newbie to level 2 seller in just two weeks. Now trying to get top rank seller.

Something that change my life and I believe so much seller ignoring is about GIVING. Give the best for your customer, give value, give what buyer wants and give more than they can pay. Give something that exceed their expectation. This is something that can change my life as well as yours. Good luck and God Bless You!

Thank you so much for these creativity tips - really come in handy!

Yes, that what I always do, I give more than they expect, I even made it my slogan "We like respect and we give more than you expect"

it’s something amazing to make someone happy, so I give more and more :)>-

Giving is my middle name but there are times when you give your best and your client still wants ten times more.

For example my first two weeks – I did buy one get one free… talk about giving!

Well said.

Yes, gibe but also know your value. Don’t over kill yourself to deliver over and beyond. Try and upsell to really give the customer a great service.

yes i am also try my best but i am not getting orders even i am very keen

Don’t set your value too low or you will always get less than you deserve