This Is SOOOO Infuriating


Just checked my analytics page today after a while and dear lord was I pissed. Cancellations like this really need to stop penalizing the seller.


Welcome to the club :slight_smile:
I have a buyer that ordered my premium gig, then changed his mind and I agreed to cancel. Now he ordered the same gig again. He seems like a nice guy and project details were perfectly outlined, but buyers don’t really know what kind of affect it has on our levels. I can’t say it either because then CS might raise a flag that I’m somehow telling clients what to do.

This time I won’t cancel so I’ll do everything I can to meet the requirements and hopefully everything will go well. I will lose my level due to the previous cancellation so it doesn’t matter anymore. I might be wrong, but I think I can probably get clients even with level 1. We’ll see what happens :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, talking about cancellations. I had to cancel (Awaiting for the CS to cancel it) an order today from a buyer who just ordered without giving any valuable details I can work on. And he’s totally ignoring my messages that I sent trying to reach him out.

The cs told me that it’s gonna affect my stats so I now went from kinda losing my level one seller to actually gonna lose my level one seller.
Thankfully, I didn’t have the “I ordered by mistake” reason yet.


Hang in there man, it will get better ---- probably.


1 cancellation? You sicken me with your logically faultless ranking. Try doing battle with sellers every week who order and then try to cancel.


I currently have 2 that were cancelled by CS - for the same reason.
And when I contacted them, they said YES we know it’s NOT your fault, but with this set up ALL cancellations affect order completion rate… :expressionless: They said they’d forward my concerns to the developers - along with thanking me.
Clearly, it needs to change.


I soooo get what you mean. I’m still amazed how Fiverr hasn’t done anything about this. At this point, I’m debating whether I should cancel orders or let me ratings take a hit.

You wanna know the worst part about this? This is one of those orders that never started, yeah. Top that. I’m so salty right now.


Reject the cancellation and it doesn’t affect you. Mine too are all non-started orders. Rejecting a request just sends the order into Fiverrs $ limbo area.


In that case the buyer won’t get their money back. Wouldn’t they request it again or even go to CS?


I rejected, and the next day CS cancelled… saying the buyer ordered by mistake, and there was no way to force someone to buy something.


A little too late for that now I guess :stuck_out_tongue:
But seriously, Fiverr really needs to provide sellers a way to cancel orders like this without actually affecting stats.

Since orders like this are somewhat rare, someone from CS could manually review them I guess?


That’s their problem, not mine. I push reject. So far the buyers just disappear.


Until all of them come back one day and you’re left with like 10 cancellations leading to your gig dying for good.

@cyaxrex honest advice, talk to CS and cancel one order every month to not end up with multiple cancellations that could cripple your gig for good.


OK. I guess some buyers will give up, but some will probably still go to CS and get them to cancel it.
Just like @socialhonor had it cancelled by CS

I suppose it’s still better than giving in. Forcing CS to deal with these orders will maybe knock some sense into them :slight_smile:


Yes, I was irate, so I contacted them- after getting the notification that my order was cancelled by CS, while enjoying an evening out for dinner - I was choked!! :zipper_mouth_face::no_mouth:


I don’t care if a gig gets crippled. It is going to happen anyway one day. Besides, my best selling gigs have already died this year. Now they only get regulars while new gigs have taken the place of my old ones.

It’s Fiverr. The shit will hit the fan one day, even if you sacrifice a unicorn and throw powdered gold over your shoulders prior to logging each morning.


I hate how this is true. Starting over sucks, especially when you know that it wasn’t your fault shit hit the fan in the first place.


Nah, these people don’t have enough brain cells. In six months they’ll have spontaneously combusted after putting their hand in a toaster to see what happens and their money will remain safely in the intellectual void for all eternity.


Or they simply forget their login credentials, trust me this happens a lot.


Is there nothing we can do like a petition or directly asking CS to do something about it? This issue has been around for a while and feels somewhat easy to fix.