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This is strange!!

Buyer started messaging with WhatsApp number to contact. How to replay this ?


Don’t share this info with anyone ever.
Say that this is kinda’ out of rules.

Thank you @masud_graphics

Tell the buyer that the sharing of private contact details is against the terms of service and communication must be kept on the Fiverr platform and leave it at that. Often buyers aren’t aware and will be happy to continue just via the messenger here. If they insist then leave it well alone, don’t risk your account by sharing any information.

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Don’t reply, just report it, other ways it will effect you

This is exactly what I said to buyer. I have got warning from fiverr team because of sharing personal information.

Is reporting affect any side of our account?

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Just say that it’s against fiverr’s ToS and all the communication has to be conducted via inbox or the order’s page (if there is an order already).

I get “Call me if you have any questions!” from legitimate buyers sometimes. Drives me up the wall. Like, sure, you can’t be bothered to fill out the requirements or put your wishes into words, yet expect me to call in for a chat.

No, It will not affect your account, but it will save your account

Thank you all for sharing your views