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This is taking money not refunding

Hey I have an issue I tried ordering a gig, the fiverr said can’t do the trasaction now. it was $5 custom offer and fiverr took money from my account for 6 times yet order wasn’t place. please help me need to purchase this order ASAP. then the issue proceeded even when they said you can order i ordered for $20 $21 were taken now again.
(I complained it yet no help no response)
the issue again happened again $21 is taken from my account. I need to place order instantly my boos is waiting. its been $36+ $31 + $21 all total $78 missing from my account, will you take measures to help me, its been 4 days no result yet, please help me I was waiting patiently but I have orders I need to work for, I do not have enough time $78 is not a joke, I need my money ASAP and being able to place orders. I hope this time I could get any help.