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This is technically theft and I want my posessions FIVERR < YOU

Almost 4 months, account still locked, can’t purchase, can’t sell. Awesome. Was told a decision will be made despite me doing nothing wrong…Still nothing and that’s not why I’m posting this today.

I asked for coders Telegram and to speak on Telegram about a Telegram Bot. I have not once paid anyone outside of Fiverr, met from fiverr, seller or buyer… What if a gig went bad and seller didn’t deliver, I would of used Fiverr dispute process… No point through either-or, and when I was selling I was just getting on my way at becoming successful… Hand posted links on Facebook groups 1 by 1. Account wrongfully froze cause YOU Fiverr deem it so.

However, my paid-for orders are gone, alll from 2014, if they aren’t where are they now? I got a copy of Fiverrs TOS before and after it’s been changed couple times.

In order to fuction as a legal entity that can take the legal tender in exchange for goods or services rendered, you have to adhere to countries’ local and national laws. If you didn’t change where a person’s orders are located within Fiverr itself, you have committed theft and fraud. Now I been away from this site for a while and frankly, killing it on other freelance sites and needed some of my property I purchased (digital goods, logos).

Can’t seem to find it Fiverr… So before I flipout and get ultimately fed up from being tossed around like a slinky cause you deem it that way fiverr. Please explain where my orders I paid for are at. If not it will be World War 3 in this mug and I won’t stop. So I will ask calmly and once again. Where are my orders I’ve paid for?

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We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Only Customer Support can help you with this.


Didn’t you download it after accepting the orders? Just leaving it on Fiverr is risky, the normal thing to do would be to download them to your computer (and possibly make a few copies).

This isn’t the first time you’re doing this, so… Why do you repeatedly ask on the forum for something that only Customer Support can help you with? We’re just sellers and buyers, like @lloydsolutions said, and there’s literally nothing we can do about your property.


They’re to give you legal warning your data will be deleted/destroyed. Nothing, no warning. I did nothing wrong initially for an account ban to happen, furthermore never given any kind of warning my property would no longer be hosted on fiverr…Which they have no problem and especially for people that have accounts older than mine circa 2014.

I have several messages a decision concerning my account will be eventually determined and then I’ll be alerted of that. Nothing. No messages. Nada. Nor was told my property would be destroyed that Fiverr takes money for in the first place and the outrageous taxes and money they take for constant customer data storage and expansion on servers…I’ve paid those taxes for my property to be hosted via Fiverr.

and this post is not for anyone that doesn’t work for Fiverr or its LLC. But very good. Continue to blame somebody that did nothing initially and has paid. This post and the help/support zendesk post is for people who work for Fiverr, not freelance on it. Perhaps, Reddit is a more suitable place for you to try to find a topic on and to “attempt” to be right about to feel better about yourself and life!

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You are posting this on a public forum.

If your intention is to vent and talk to sellers/buyers, have at it.

If you need people from Fiverr to read this, you need to email them or something.


Danijela October 19, 2020 05:48

Hi there,

It appears that you have received multiple warnings for violations of our terms.
As a result, your account is being reviewed by our Trust & Safety team. At this time, we are not able to disclose how long the review will take, but you will be updated once there’s a final resolution.

For the time being, you will have access to your active orders and you will continue to be able to communicate with your buyers through the active order pages. You will not be able to communicate with other users through inbox messages.

If you have funds available or pending clearance, you will continue to have access to them while your account remains restricted.

Please let me know if you have further questions or if assistance is needed.

Kind regards,

Danijela | Customer Support |
Please review our Fiverr Online Safety Tips.
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As to quill and mitigate Fiverr riders that don’t work for Fiverr. This is called Fraud and Theft. I was never alerted of any decision. These Multiple warnings do not constitute your hard earned money spent on items on Fiverr to be taken or destroyed. Like I said I’m right. No warning. No decision was made aware to me or anyone representing me…Yes, I understand Fiverr is a service and a self governing one for their Freelancers. But, not for goods purchased… There is no excuse Fiverr riders can come up with. But, again this isn’t for Freelancers to answer. This is a direct comment/suggestion for Fiverr. Does it say your Fiverr username in the post title? It doesn’t, does it? No.

2nd These Multiple warnings came about from using triggered words, not actually violating any TOS. And if I violated any kind of TOS which I didn’t… I should then be made aware! I wasn’t.

Nice try though! Unless you work for Fiverr and have a direct answer where my 100’s of dollars of items are and were paid for. You should stop. You’re making this out to be somehow my fault. Yea it’s not…I have no problem with anyone and not looking to read through comments from smug freelancers that have no clue about my personal situation or with this matter…ANd before I have to post more messages hanging fiverr by the short and curlies legally even more, I’ll stop responding to nobodies looking to up their forum count.

If you don’t want anyone to respond to you then why are you writing this in a public forum for buyers and sellers? You are not going to reach the people you need to reach in here.

If you need to get in contact with Fiverr then you should contact their Customer Support or send them an email at


AHHHHH, not a valid reply, nor a reply from Fiverr yet…
I love being right though!

Shaking my head and face palming. :woman_facepalming:t2:


You have too much unnecessary words in your messages here and towards customer support.

Maybe that is just a way how you speak but it is time consuming and by the time you finished i have no idea what your problem is.

You need to keep it simple if you want something to be done for your case.

Hi, my name is John. I purchased logo and design on Fiverr and I failed to download them in time. My account is restricted and I can not open the order section to download it. Can you send me the links to files so I can download my order files? Thank you.


You know why?

Because for the millionth time, CS doesn’t monitor or take actions on the forum and we fellow buyer sellers can’t either.

You were suspended for breaking rules and it’s becoming clear that you don’t like to read them.


You come to the Fiverr forum
and want to take advice from customer support.

Talk bs
Do not hear others opinion
Thinking you are always right

And you still expect us to give advice and help?
I don’t mean to be rude but you need to have respect for others who take a small portion of thier day to make you’re day better and give genuine advice


Click ‘Switch to buying’ in navbar, then click ‘Orders’ in navbar.
Hope that helps!


Actually this story happened with one of my clients, literally they came back to me 2 years after i finished a job for them and asked for some changes and revision claiming that it’s totally their rights and as soon as they paid they can contact when ever they need me. LMAO

Buddy, you are totally wrong from A-Z you left, you have no more rights to come and ask for what may happened past ago ! SPECIALLY when it’s a BAN.

Additional note from my experience, those client tried to sue me, their lawyers, they end up by losing and giving me more money ! in your case you literally threaten Fiverr

Move on because you are wasting your time and moreover you are in the wrong place.

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But those who work for Fiverr don’t read the forum, so why post here?

Because Fiverr is not going to respond to you here, or even read your posts.

But hey, this is The Ranting Pot, so I guess you can keep ranting here as much as you like, as long as you don’t violate the forum rules. You still won’t get any response from Fiverr here, though.


To the geniuses that suggest I downloaded my possessions. There is no where within the Tos that a person after they pay for a product or service must download the items… None…Nowhere…Or that anywhere in this TOS your account will eventually expire to retrieve your items and no longer be hosted via Fiverr servers…

This is Theft, this gos against Commerce laws in my country of America…This is why I’m suing. This shit’s about to be wild, to the ones that are siding with Momma Fiverr, cool. I’m right as per usual. Congrats on your fiverr forum boosts and exercising what power you have in life.

Going for broke too!

I’m buyer here on fiverr as well , I heard that they take 20% from sellers and they take fee from buyers as well , this is very hipocratic.

Anyway as an advocate I do believe you can win the case , since the problem you issued really is not on their TOS. So give it a try !!

There is a part in TOS that says that fiverr reserves a right to disable accounts at any moment as they see fit without further access for you to your account.
That’s in TOS and you signed it.
So maybe before shouting that you’ll sue the company make sure that you (or your lawyer) read tos that you signed and agreed to :woman_shrugging:


You asked for someone else’s Telegram to speak there, outside of Fiverr. That’s basically why I believe you were banned, because you wanted to communicate outside of the platform. It’s against the Fiverr terms of service to do that.