This is the 2nd happiest day of my life


The happiest day of my life was was May 16, 2014. Today is the second happiest day. Hoping for a happier day in 2019. Har Har Modi! Ghar Ghar Modi! Mitron @silkroute @mithunbaiju1 @taverr Congratulations!



LOL…Triple Century in UP :smiley::grin:


Okay, a confession, I was really nervous for last few days…media was painting a false picture as usual, and I was worried. 2019 is ours now. Now Modiji will be Prime Minister till 2024 at least, no stopping him. Jai Bajrang Bali!


But there is still a long journey for BJP to get the majority in Odisha. :smirk:


I like Naveen Patnaik, good man. BJP is #2 in Orissa, is ahead of Congress.


Was so excited today wrote just 2 articles…first time I have written so few in a day 3 years…lot of work to do from tomorrow.


I’m so happy I can’t stop crying tears of absolute joy. That’s it. Night off everyone. Party at my place. Either bring a bottle or a box of kleenex so we can all weep together with joy.


Why are you?


Who wouldn’t be? Modi is going to be Prime Minister forever now and this time in a few years, everyone in India will have their own pet unicorn… I thought it was obvious.


Very confident about the future of India now :slight_smile: Thank you God!


A big rally expected in the stock market from Monday :slight_smile:


@writer99025’s condition right now :

Wags tail furiously…

What should I do…

Where should I go…

Shall I climb this sofa…

Okay, I’m done climbing this sofa…

What else shall I do…


great animation, very funny lol


2 articles yesterday, 3 articles today. LOL.


What was the first one? and did Mr Modi won again?
P.S I do not know a word about politics.


First one was May 16, 2014…after Modi became PM. Yesterday was virtually a referendum on him, especially after the demonetization program, which met with a lot of opposition from the media and intellectual class…and he won it massively…winning India’s biggest state of Uttar Pradesh with 200 million people, with 325 out of 400 seats…biggest in Indian history. This shows that the public is with him.


I can’t believe.Happiness to this extant ? Wow!!!


Yeah, I am more emotional about my country than about myself :slight_smile:


Modi is really doing good for India? I don’t know about his politics.:innocent: