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This is the 2nd happiest day of my life


Yeah, best PM we have ever had.


Then many many congratssss…:slight_smile:


Mitron @silkroute @taverr Congratulations again, Goa and Manipur also in our hands - that means 70% of India’s population now lives in BJP ruled states… :sunglasses: (I unfortunately live in a non-BJP ruled state, but that will change 100% in 2018… :wink: Congress government is deeply unpopular in Karnataka, we will win here in 2018 elections for sure and that will finish off Congress from India)


Way to go for him! Now we have a new motto which he just said in his victory celebration: New India


Yes brother :slight_smile: I liked how Modiji connected the welfare of poor and middle class in today’s speech.


Saturday 2 articles, Sunday 3, today 0. But I have done my research for all orders this week. From tomorrow things will get back to normal…right now I feel like I have won a war or something…


for @emmaki