This is the most bad seller i met in fiverr


Fragglerock this is the bad seller i met in fiverr ,i order 1 gig as logo design from him after he finished it after long time 3 days.i give him 5 star rate,and then return to him after 2 days asking to just change the color to same design he made before,he shocked me when said i must pay 1 more gig to change the color…then he give me more 2 days to finish the work ,then stop replaying me,what shall i do i redesign again the logo to change its color or shall i send to him too much mercy to change the color or should i pay twice for same logo,really he is stubied Sellers,please buyer don’t treat with that designer he is not professional and just like dog searching for any bone

Sheriffs Note: Please, no calling out


This is not the best reputation and promotion for you…


@loaniistar I don’t think it’s fair to accept/complete an order and then come back later and ask for more. Do you expect the seller to give you free work every time you want a new color forever?

You agreed the gig was completed and left a positive review. That gig is done.

In the future, if you’re not fully satisfied with the work you receive, request modifications before the order is completed. Complete means done, finished.

If you made an honest mistake, you can explain that to the seller and ask that they please modify the file for you, but if they refuse, you can either pay them for another gig or move on to a different seller. It’s not his fault that you didn’t understand how Fiverr works. Good luck!


I’m sorry to tell you that Fragglerock is not as bad as you think.

  1. 3 days is not a long time. I once ordered a logo and it took 14 days without the 24-hour extra.

  2. Why did you wait 2 days to request a change? The request should be immediate, and you should hit “request a modification” so Fiverr knows about it. Otherwise the order might get marked as complete.