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This is the most ridiculous buyer ever seen in my life

So I joined fiverr 2 days ago I optimized my profile I added some gigs and I was waiting .
Today the first potential buyer sent me a message :)) I was really excited and I took my time to respond to additional questions
B: Hello I am interested in your gig but I have a project more complicated than your Premium package and I would like to discuss with you about a custom order
Me: Hello Im glad you reached out to me of course please let me know how can I help you
B Im looking for a bulk order can you tell me a price for X thing ?
Me : Yes of course if Y = 100$ ( Premium Package ) and you want X more than that , my price will be 500$ instead of 1.000 $ for 10 times the work from the premium package so you will recieve a 50% disscount

B: this is too much then I expected
Me: Okay considering this might be my first order I am willing to collaborate in our both interest please kindly let me know what is your budget
B: My budget is 40$
Me:But this is my Basic Package didnt you just said you would like a custom order and more work then the Premium Package from my gig ?
B Yes
Me What is your budget then ?
B 40$ I have better offer 35$ dont lose my time want or not ?

I was just speachless :sweat_smile: :rofl: :rofl: Apparently this buyer contacted me , he asked me 100 questions and told me he would like a custom offer for a way more work (10 times ) than my premium package includes , I gave him a resonable price and I was also willing to make it work in our both interest when he said he can not aford it and he ends up telling me he wants to pay less then the BASIC package price for 10X more work then the Premium One and tells me I am losing his time …

This was my first experience untill now here on fiverr :rofl: I find it kind of funny so I decided to share it with you guys :slight_smile:


Finally I’m not alone in the world of stupid buyers. I had one the other day, who thought ghostwriting was resurrecting the ghosts of dead authors and forcing them to write a novel in under a day.


Well done for saying no. Sadly, this buyer will repeat the same garbage over and over and over to other sellers until he finally finds one desperate enough to accept his incredibly insulting offer.


@jake_hopkins hahaha there are some really crazy buyers out there :rofl:

@gwyneth_galvin this kind of people dont even consider that we are real people with real needs like food taxes etc they just undervalue our work and keep insulting us with low-ball offers , they feel like someone MUST work 10 days for 8-12 hours for 40$ because we are on a online website this is saddddd :sweat_smile:

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You should have stopped the conversation and blocked the buyer right there. Don’t waste your time on these people.


Yes I just wanted to be a resonable and respectfull person considering I am a new seller but it ended up that the buyer was still offended that I am not willing to work for free


You don’t need to be reasonable to people who treat you like dirt.

Get the mentality out of your head that self-respect is rude or unprofessional. It isn’t.

No one is entitled to cordiality when they treat you like dirt. You were negotiating with someone who was never going to become reasonable. A waste of time and an assault to your value.


Also, self-respect isn’t unreasonable and it isn’t reasonable to let people try to exploit you.


This is true thank you for your kind comment in the future I will pay more attention to this kind of people and if they do not value my work , as you said it is a lead that goes nowhere and it is a waste of time . I rather work with only a few people who are professional and respectfull and know what they really want


You’re welcome. I also wouldn’t give out discounts like that for this reason below and also because it attracts unscrupulous buyers and encourages them to scam and undervalue you.

Yes i totally agree with that but I offered this so called disscount in private chat for 2 reasons .

  1. The buyer aproached me with a big project asking me for 10X the work of my premium package wich is equvalent of 1.000$
  2. I decided to do the work for half of the money because from how the buyer explained his needs he was willing to work to such a complex project with a fresh new seller without any ratings
    So the main theory behind this was to gain value and credibilty on the platform + It just feels wierd that a new seller will charge 1.000$

As I say in that post I shared, you aren’t reducing profit margin when you do that for a personally fulfilled service, you’re cutting your salary in half. Why would you do that?

Stop applying principles of bulk product sales to professional service sales. They’re totally different things.

Your buyer wouldn’t be doing you a favour by ordering a high volume. It is an equal transaction. Don’t reward him for buying what he needs.


Sadly these alleged buyers exist. They do tend to target new / inexperienced sellers knowing that some people are so desperate to get their first sale that they will do anything.

You’ll find that as you progress through Fiverr levels, the number of scam territory buyers falls quite dramatically as by the time you get to level 1 and 2, you’ve heard all the stories before, and the scamsters know you’ll be alert to their tricks.

The best thing to do is end the conversation as soon as you realise they are a waste of time. Once you say ‘no’ they’ll move on to the next seller, and then the next - until someone foolish enough says ‘yes’.

As @humanissocial has said, there is no point engaging further with these people. You’re not going to get anything from it. Your time is money, etc. Say a polite ‘goodbye’ if you wish, but really there is no need to.


Exactly. They know you’ve made yourself easy prey so they pounce.

It saddens me when people think they need to be cordial and generous to people who are trying to exploit them, when sellers see a sale as a favour for which they must bow and scrape. Ugh.

It is an equal transaction, not a favour.

My theory is fiverr’s old reputation of “you can get everything done there for next to nothing” is to blame for delusional people like this. Some of them are just sneaky. But most of them are so sincerely scandalized by the fact that you won’t be making them a 95% discount that I have to believe they were genuinely under impression that their request completely reasonable.


I agree.

I think Fiverr is a big reason why many sellers have internalized this idea that getting a sale is a favour. It’s so engrained.


Yeah. All the “Well, I was going to give you MORE WORK if you agreed…”

I’d love to have more $5 orders when my basic price is $50. Why not.


Definitely. When you have that mentality you are prime for all sorts of gaslighting and other manipulation.

@english_voice I really hope that I will progress through Fiverr levels fast because I would really love to have a serious and differentiate clientele to work with .As you said this scammers are a waste of time but the problem is how they formulate everything and try to obtain it from you. They engage in the conversation building trust and false hope that they are serious people and in the end you discover they actually want to get their work done for pennies so either way it is a waste of time. Thank you
@humanissocial true ,thank you

@lenasemenkova Yes ! This is the problem ! They dont even consider we are REAL people with bills to pay , taxes , need to put food in our belly etc They feel it is so normal that an Individual from another side of the planet earth will work his ass off 12 hours / day for 7 days straight for 20$ …

You’re giving them too much credit.

They know you have bills to pay. They don’t care. And that’s what makes them so dangerous.

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