This is the only gig of its kind!


Hey there! I am proud to say I have a truly unique gig that you won’t find anywhere else on Fiverr. I love writing poems, but there are many people who already do that, so it’s tough to get noticed. But I found a way to stand out: SHIP the poem as a gift to the buyer! I believe this is truly unique and different than everyone else! But if you just want a digital poem, I offer that too! Please check out my gig and tell me what you think! ANY feed back is appreciated, THANK YOU! If you would like such a gift as such please contact me


You forgot to add the URL


It’s giving me trouble with the link, I will have to fix it when I hop onto my laptop.


I have just looked at your gig and it sounds really interesting. I like the idea of using a bottle. Wishing you all the best!


Thank you so much for the feed back it helps! If you or anyone you know ever needs a poem I’m right here!