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This is the only way to became a real successful!

How to make online money is not published yet ! so if you are looking for those magical ideas, I am telling you, just stop reading and close your laptop, because you are in the wrong place. But if only you are curious and more serious keep reading , you may be able to see things differently.

unfortunately this is true ! and I can tell you why ? if it was so easy to get such advices that could turn you to a successful person , then why it is so difficult to be one even after reading hundred and hundred articles about it? when looking for this advices why you always find the same ones with some fake makeup ? why only few persons have succeeded to make money here ( & when I said money I am talking about a real money : thousands per week and more) ?

First of all, believe that successful persons have hugely dedicated times and money at the beginning more that you can imagine by trying several ways and learning about where the right road is , so if I will be fair with them, I can admit that they were right to keep their own secrets and buy it instead of give it for free.

In the 2nd place, the virtual community is full of copier, and most of them are following a very classical way to be successful via copying and publishing the others works, and to be honest, this is the easily way but it is not the best one and it will be expired very fast, more than that it has also 2 main impacts: for the original owner : his work and his image will be more successful because no work can bit the original one and by publish the copied one you are only give a free advertisements to the root. By copying the other works and by following exactly their steps you are killing your mind potential for being more creative.

Most of successful person were creative, and I believe this is the key behind their stories, they made their one work , they left the crow and sorted a unique and particular work which allows them to be easily remarked !
So if you really want to learn how succeeded person did , email them and propose them to buy advices, good ideas are not for free and what was already published is not about what to do to reach your goals but it is 900% talking about how the succeed person feel while what you need is what to do ? not how to be emotionally.

At the end, and in order to make a big step within this process I suggest you to stop looking for free advices and stop being so stingy, call other and buy experiences, buy proves; understand how and why they choose their specialties, how they are managing their time ? what they do else, stop making black copping instead of that add values by developing and adding new values.

Keep in mind that for all successful person, their work was unique so be different and you will see a good result , whatever you have in mind it could be commercialized, you need only to be patient and buy advices how to do. Simple math calculation can show you that by buying advices 5$ or 10$ will help a lot to develop your work and then you will be able to buy it to at least 10 persons ( & if your price will be also 5$ that mean the profit is 50 $ for an investment of 5 $ and 100$ for 10$). Get start now.
hope i was so clear :slight_smile:
Thanks for reading.


I found the content very usefull. thanks for sharing.

:), plaised to read your comment.

So… Ask successful people how to be successful, maybe wave a few dollars at them?

That was a lot of words for an idea that is an annoyance to many sellers here.

There is a way which can help us to make more money online by helping each other.
If anyone think he/she can make something good with help of some tech-giant company,
I think this will not work so much. Because this is the age of centralization.

Thx, for yr advice, but its not everything money. wt or where think u are good at , there are many areas dt u are very weak at and others are good there. So let this forum be for assistance and not for money based.

it is true, the whole article was about the idea of only money can lead to money, and i said buying experiences from successful people not asking for free advises. Beside, i saw that the idea is good and it helps me a lot that why i developed it as much as i can. thanks for your remark, i will pay attention to it next time :slight_smile: i am sure you will notice that in my future articles.

parabal12, thanks for your comment and i 100 % agree with you, you got my topic, But it is not a shame to buy or sell useful ideas, if you find some to teach you how to sell ? for 5 $ that will be a good deal for you, because you will get back the 5$ in a very short term so it is a win-win process, in addition to that, there is a lot of people dedicating a lot of time for searching and developing this relationship between seller and buyer, we should support them and pay them for their work as we really need badly to have what they got.

me new here, i need help, i want to know how can active my gigs from draft?

thanks for comment, the forum is for the assistance and this is exactly what i am here to do and what it should be: here, we can get free advices and in return we should share ours too others as they have done. but if i said that people need to think also about buying useful idea that is motivating successful people to show to others their particular and effective methods.

Hi, welcome, your Gig is missing some thing, i suggest you to edit once again your gig and fill in all the missing informations ( like : the description ) but it will better to get in touch with Fiver support team, they can helps you, here the link :
hope that will helps you.

The thing is, my dear, that people who are successful generally tend to power on themselves or seek out people who are actively offering their services as a mentor/coach/whatever.

Soliciting busy people–and typically not saying “I’ll bung $5 your way nudge nudge”–is an exercise in futility. There are no secrets; it’s hard work and perseverance mixed in with actual ability at whatever you do.

That’s really all it is. I won’t charge anyone for this advice, as it is blindingly obvious. At least, I thought it was until I came to work on Fiverr. But anyhoo…

so if you said that even successful people look for coaches to develop leadership skills and to show them how to engage teams to improve their performance, we both agreed then that hard work is not enough and people needs to practical guidelines also which only people who succeeded and found good way to develop their business can offer.
a lot of ‘gifted’ sellers are not in need to others to help them out as they simply got somehow their ones way, other they have time to make research , other selling is their science but as you know there is others who didn’t and are still looking : i believe they have 2 ways : a hard way : which is hard work + trying, trying and trying -> at the end, for sure, they will get good results but that will cost them from 1 weeks to years !! and there an easy way : which is hard work + buying practical advices -> at the end they will get good results but only in few months or less !!

Fine, buy some overpriced practical advice dressed up in a nice format to save years of hard work and skip to the top effortlessly.

It’s nothing more than the emperor’s new clothes, though. Experience trumps all.

I enjoyed reading your writing 
Anyway, we hope one day the system will change, but until that time , physics rules !

The successful way to earn a lot of money on any business (online or not), is to sell “garbage” at very low prices. People are crazy to buy the cheapest prices, even if the “garbage” that they buy will cause damages to their investments, businesses, etc.

Don’t you believe me? Don’t look far away… Just take a look to most sold gigs on Fiverr or other similar websites and you’ll find out the most buyers are ordering the biggest quantity of sold garbage for cheapest prices…

it’s really helpful and motivational. thanks my friend for such this writing.

I somewhat agree with you. but all these are depends on person to person. right? How they think, how they act. Some people just like to spending money to what they want but some like collecting money to be successful.
This may be deep. but we have to ask from ourselves, Is real successful to you is just money?
Whatever you do being unique and different is important to go way up in what you do. I agree with you there.

Hi whitehatseo10, thanks for the comment, i believe you and i agree with you, but selling “garbage” at very low prices is one of hundred of other business strategies, and what to select is depending to what you are offering to costumers! hope you get my point too.

hi mahabub_imran,
thanks for the comment :slight_smile: and you are always welcome :slight_smile: